How To Remove Your Player In Rust What Do I Do If I Get Caught? Help!


Although there are various forms of similar games Rust , this has a special gaming experience that continues to attract audiences of all ages.

Because of this, day after day increase the numbers of members affiliated Steam number of downloads and the community that interacts within the platform.

How to delete my player in Rust What do I do if I got caught? Help!

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Thanks to this constant interaction of users, each of the developers of the game have adapted various ways to facilitate experience of these users and improve it over all exploration map Rust.

However, some players need help and guidance to solve various problems that may occur along the situations among which you can see subjected the character, why there is Article you read today’s article.

Have you been trapped in Rust? This is the solution!

Whether you’ve accomplished enter to the popular server Egoland or & nbsp; any other provided by players in Spanish or another language, you should know that there are solutions for various types of circumstances.

rust survival game

One fairly common is found trapped under different circumstances , such as can be a base end and no resources to design ways of escape.

As it can happen that you see under a stampede of players of equal or higher level than yours, and do not have the ability to defend yourself in such a situation , so you need to look for the exit faster and more effective.

Auto eliminate the character of Rust is the best choice

Although it may seem a rather drastic strategy, turns out to be the optimal solution to prevent the gain from enemies and even the ability to reappear in the last saved point within the platform.

However, this aspect is not available or visible within the interface of the game, to avoid accidentally selecting users who constantly handle these options.

So if verte subjected to use this you option the following steps: mainly must know that the commands must be entered on the console , which is just the box chat that appears in the interface of the game.

Similarly, users have the option to click on the F1 key to enable an experimental console within the platform, designed specifically for entering commands.

command syntax

Once opened the command console on the screen of the computer, simply enter the word «Kill» or» suicide» , and the click on «Enter» character automatically perish.

This way, you have the option to reappear in the last place save your character , and the freedom to rescan the map of Rust in which you find yourself.

console commands rust

Other commands that can help you during the game experience

Even though meet the requirements of the game is not as difficult as it seems, many users prefer using various commands and settings that help you work the experience of battle and exploration.

For example, selecting a character, each user has the ability to insert the command «Kill» to automatically activate the attack, with sixty seconds of cooling for reuse.

Similarly, if you want to work in a better way exploring the map, transcribing the console code «Bind q forward, sprint» for start running through the entire field , in instead of walking to the standard rate.

Finally, the command «Bind m attack; duck» enable function of attack being ducking , giving the user the possibility to explore and evaluate the field before starting the attack to another character.

That is why we know this type of commands and utilities within the game is essential for your users so they can get the most out of each of the hidden skills that comprise the platform.

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