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No one is exempt from suffering a casualty. Whether at home, in the office, in transport or on the street, every so often, we passed an emergency.

Most mishaps are quite mild, but in case of significant emergencies or risk, one of the biggest fears you may have anyone is impossible to tell someone .

How to enable and configure the emergency message on my mobile Samsung | SOS

Phones and emergencies

Faced with a problem, a situation or a health condition that endangers your life or integrity, the most immediate and effective way to communicate is through the use of the landlines and mobile . Why it is important to count on your device with the necessary information in cases of emergency .

The history of the 911

One of the first steps to report a problem or situation that compromises your life or integrity or that of another person through a phone has been the call 911 . But it was not always the number allocated for this purpose.

In 1937, England was using the 999 to establish a telephone communication with fire departments, police and health institutions.

 emergency phones and

In 1968 he made the first call to 911 in Haleyville, Alabama, United States. It is not exact science knows why this number was chosen. It is speculated that a computer was the one who selected and is said to be easier dialing number , avoiding the confusions of children or elderly who may be confused.

911 Curiosities

Modifying how pronounced the 911 is something striking and many probably are not aware of it. Usually it pronounced “Nine Eleven” or “nine-eleven”. Following the events that took place in the United States on September 11 (9/11: nine eleven), how that became “ Nine-one-one ” number was pronounced.

Canal alternative emergency

However, not always have enough time to make a call to report a problem . In this regard, Samsung smartphones have integrated them the ease of providing users a different way to communicate a problem.

Emergency Message

This is a method through which you can, with only press three times the power button , send an emergency notification to the contacts you think you could respond more efficiently before a casualty.

designed by Samsung has existed for several years as part of the devices, especially equipment medium and high.

 emergency Message

Enabling and configuring the emergency message

To proceed to enable and configure the option of the emergency message on your phone Samsung , you’ll have to follow this series of simple instructions:

  1. Log into the configuration panel or your phone settings.
  2. Locate the Advanced Configuration section.
  3. Click on the option “ send emergency message “.
  4. The team will request activation of this feature.
  5. Once activated, the computer will require least 2 add to the contacts to which to send the emergency message .
  6. Enables options attach pictures and audio recording.
  7. What does my equipment to Enabling this option?

    Thus, at the time pressures the power button three times your phone Samsung, the team will perform the following:

    • take a photo using the front camera of your device.
    • mark the location in which you find yourself at that time through the GPS ( Make sure you keep active your location ).
    • audio record an approximately 5 seconds, so if you want to define site characteristics or conditions, use them to the maximum.

    Possible failures

    The activation and configuration process, you must accept having “read the conditions put Samsung ‘for this function. Most people do not read this section , but really let things that are interesting and important to clarify:

    • As much as logic and reasoning should not reign over emergency , it is important to note that you have the coverage or connectivity enough to send this message emergency. If not so, you should look increase and expand the coverage of your mobile to have enough to send the emergency message.
    • Otherwise, it may arise a delay or mismatch at the time to mark the location, and even sending the message may fail.

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