Hide Or Remove The Balloon Notifications On Any Samsung Galaxy S10

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If you’re one of those users who do not like anyone to see your mobile notifications can disable notifications for apps on your Android . But here we will help you as hide or remove any balloon notifications Samsung Galaxy S10 quickly and easily.

Hide or Delete Globe Notices at any Samsung Galaxy S10

Believe it or not is very common that let mobile somewhere, as the dining room and we get a notification. In this case, people who are close just then be able to read the messages. If you want to avoid this uncomfortable situation, the best thing to do is Hide your mobile notifications .

Hide or remove the balloon notifications on your Samsung S10

This time we will show two forms of Hide notifications in the mobile Samsung S10. The first allows us to hide notifications on the lock screen, and the second is that if you like put your applications on the screen start of the Samsung Galaxy 10 you can hide notifications from a specific application.

Note that both processes are simple enough and will not take a long time to carry them out Let’s do this!

Hide notifications lock screen

Here we’ll show you all you need to do to hide notifications on the lock screen in Android, this includes the Galaxy S10. I just recommend that you follow all the steps to the letter so you can complete the process successfully.

  • To start you enter the main menu and then enter the phone settings.
  • Once you’ve entered the part of settings, including all the options you see one that says “ Lock Screen “. Proceed to select to continue the process.
  • Now you have to scroll the screen down until you find the “ Notifications ” option. So to avoid notifications appear on the lock screen, you must move the button to the left side.

Remove an app notifications

Here we are didactically explain the process to remove notifications from an app on a Samsung S10. As always, we assure you it will be quite simple and you do not have to be a technology expert to carry it out.

  • In the As before, you must select the “ Settings ” option found in the main menu of your Samsung S10.
  • Then click on the option called “ Notifications ” so you can continue the process.

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  • Now at this point can see all the apps that have recently issued notifications and you can also disable notifications for any app. To do this click the option “ View all
  • In this step you will see all the applications that are available to hide their notifications permanently. You just press on the icon to the right of each app.

Why is it useful to hide the balloon notifications on mobile?

No doubt this is a question that many users do when they discover people who have this option enabled. One of the arguments of users who take time hiding notifications on your mobile is privacy.

This is because currently we usually check our mobile at almost any time of the day regardless of the people close to us. This can form protect a little your privacy as nobody can see if has come to you a new notice, much less be able to read the contents of such notifications from a distance


However, there are people who think differently and claim that those with hidden notifications is because they are hiding something. This happens a lot in the case of people who have a partner, because believe it or not this has been the cause of many marital conflicts.

programming applications the phone

In the end, we we recommend you to hide the notifications if you need some privacy, because without doubt this is something we all deserve to have.

can always turn back balloon notifications Samsung Galaxy S10 in whenever you want. We hope you enjoyed this information, then feel free to share it with all those friends who have a Samsung S10 to learn how to hide notifications easily See you in the next time!

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