How To Recover Samsung Account If You Forget My Username And Password?

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Want to know how to retrieve the Samsung account if you have forgotten your username and password ? Then we’ll tell you step by step how you can do so you wont have any problems.

How to Recover Samsung account if forgot my user name and password?

Samsung account is a free account that allows you to use all the services of Samsung, either a mobile device, a Smart TV, tablets, etc. Thus, you can use the same account on all your devices so that they are all your personal data stored in a single virtual cloud, or even to track your mobile device via a geoLocator .

If you have forgotten your password or do not remember the username you can retrieve it easily. Let’s see how to retrieve and restore data both our own.

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How to recover my account if Samsung forget my username

If you forgot your username from your account Samsung enters the official site Samsung. Once inside click on the icon of a person. This option can be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

This will open a new tab where you write your email and password, but in this case we have forgotten, click the link you have under Want to find your ID or reset your password?

The same, is below the above-mentioned fields. In the new interface you must complete the fields as appropriate. In this case we will position ourselves on Search ID There must complete all relevant fields.

  • Full Name
  • Name
  • Birthday

When you have finished completing this information click on Find ID. then enter your e-mail and search the inbox the message that Samsung just sent. Within the same can view all the information you were looking for.

To take better care dela your account information and your staff information can turn your Android phone into a security key.

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What should I do if I forgot my password Samsung

If you ‘ve forgotten the password for your Samsung account , you must select the Reset Password.

Then complete the field by entering your email. Remember to have access to it and that must be the same you used to associate your Samsung account.


If you’ve done from your Smartphone is very likely to be a Google account To do this, you can view it by entering Settings & gt; Accounts linked .

The new interface will warn you sent an email to your email so you can reset your password.

If you do not you can view the message in the inbox, look for it in the folder Spam. When you have located enters it and click the link Reset Password .

This will open a new tab. Here you must enter the new password and confirm by typing it a second time in the field below.

It must contain at least eight (8) characters long and contain numbers, letters and symbols.

If you are a computer Personal device, you have the option to save the password. We do not recommend you do if a computer or other sharing.

Once you’ve done that click again on the Reset Password.

Now you can access your account again. We hope this tutorial on how to retrieve Samsung account if forgot my user name and password You’ve been helpful. If you have any doubt about it can leave it in the comments.

We will try to help you solve it in the shortest time possible. Remember that are posting new articles regularly, so we invite you to take a tour of the site, you will surely find what you were looking for.

To better manage accounts will serve you know how sync your passwords with your Google account.

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