How To Remove My Factory Applications Samsung Android Without Root

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If you want to free up memory space on your smartphone learns How to remove my factory applications Samsung Android without root. Smartphones have stopped being simple communication devices, and thanks to the various functions that have been made increasingly essential.

They can have your address book, your social networks, banking applications, games and even programs that control other devices in your home . And every day there are more profits to the list.

How to Remove Applications Factory my Samsung Android No Root

Consequently, smartphones implement new generations of faster processors and memory capacity for larger storage. So that users can continue to add applications, files and utilities for the day.

However, it is possible that at some time requieras more memory on your smartphone without having to let go of your favorite applications.

It is likely that your team owns factory applications preloaded as some belonging to Google or Samsung, and they are not needed in your case, the downside is that many of these applications can not be uninstalled as you would normally with others.

To do this you need to obtain permits from the factory, but it can make you very risky user sor superuser rooteando your team.

If this is your case, this article will show how to remove these apps without rooting your phone Samsung and although not be very experienced with new technologies, only you must follow some simple steps.

Install Easy Uninstaller application

 List of applications Easy Uninstaller

Applying Easy Uninstaller is a new tool available for Android phones users can uninstall applications in a very simple way.

To download from your computer to access the Google Play Store and type Easy Uninstaller in the search bar.

You can also access the Google store from the web on a computer using the Google account synchronized to your phone and make the download from there. Remember that it is important to sync your passwords with your Google account .

Once you press the Install button must only hope that the necessary files are downloaded and the computer performs the installation automatically.

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A to open the tool see a list of all applications installed on your computer sort can in alphabetical order or by memory size occupying , so you’ll know which are the heaviest.

And besides uninstalls, also offers the utility to share the application, see details or place it in Google Market.

How to use Easy Uninstaller?

List of Easy Uninstaller

This useful tool allows uninstalling applications easily in two ways. The first individually and the second batch, ie more than one at a time.

Once you have installed the application on your computer Samsung open it to access the list of applications available for download.

It is important that you secure that you are about to uninstall application that is not essential for the system, because if you do you could damage the operating system of your computer or even turn it off forever. It’s why you should keep in mind What are they, what are they and how mobile applications and what types are there?


Therefore, we recommend you use this tool very carefully. If you do not know very well, you can googling the usefulness of the application you intend to uninstall before doing so.

Since you’ve secured good of what you want to uninstall, select the application and press the Uninstall button. Uninstalling and then confirms expected to complete the process.

Also You can select two or more applications and perform the uninstall process. This would not have to go one at a time and save time.

With this you will considerably increase the memory capacity on your computer or increase the speed with which the interface works.

Take into account the advice in this article and performs factory uninstalling applications on your computer Samsung safely.

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