Displaying The Battery Percentage In Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50 And A70

Show battery percentage Samsung is one of many tools and utilities that have such equipment to safeguard its load.

How to Show Battery Percentage Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50 and A70

The process to apply this change may seem different only in this mark, since they in some way customize the system environment . The same can happen to the remove a Google account on a phone Samsung . to which are not used

In this way put a personal stamp to their devices. That said, this guide shows how to apply this utility for different models of Samsung .

Enable battery percentage in Samsung A10, A20, A30

These models are phones that have an Android 8 OS, with different characteristics, as Samsung usually print some personality on their computers.

Then, to enable battery percentage in Samsung A10, as well as other models, you just have to unlock the screen and slide with your finger up.

This will display the application menu of the phone, where the icon of the computer settings called “ Settings ” represented by a gear is located.

There must find the option that is named “ Display “, and within this, which is described as “ Status Bar “, where find the desired option.

In this section are displayed two different functions, and one of these will have a statement that says “ Most. Battery Percentage “.

By default, the button will be placed to the side where it is disabled. Thus, to enable it, you just have to click on it or slide to the right.

 samsumg battery percentage

This will produce a change in the position of the button and the color will change from gray to light blue (will depend on the subject set). Also immediately, the percentage indicator will be shown next to the battery icon.

Place the battery percentage in A40, A50, A60 and A70

In contrast to the other versions mentioned above, how to display the percentage of battery back to the A30 Samsung is a little different (models A40, A50, A60 and A70).

In essence, these presentations have an Android system different from that of the previous teams, so there may be some change of order in the settings.

So, to undertake and complete the procedure as it may seem logical, head to the Settings icon in the application menu.

A pressing it, a new paragraph and the next thing would be to find an option that is within the same which is identified as “ Notifications ” will open.

The same is located within the third panel settings under “ Sounds and vibration ” and can be identified by a red box with a superimposed circle.

This is where we find the status bar mentioned in the procedure of previous models, and which of course is the choice.

A coming into this section will be several options related to the states of the cell as notifications and icons below, the “ Show battery percentage ” button.

which, as in other versions will be a slide button, which is disabled by default. you just have press on it to enable or just roll it right.

What brings advantages activate the indicator?

Although it seems a simple accessory that makes it look more stylish and neat section of the cell states, the truth is that it brings its benefits and advantages.

 phone battery percentage

Sometimes it becomes difficult interpret the charging status of the device being fixed only on the battery icon, which is emptied as time goes by.

You may be able to be more or less sure how long it takes, but there is nothing better than knowing precisely , and is one of the virtues of this indicator

In this way, people can better organize their activities inside the cell, and manage how they use, not to be unloaded prematurely.

The battery of your phone is one of the most fundamental parts of it because it is what gives life to your device, is why you should care for her very well, and one way to do this is knowing few mAh charge your phone, to avoid connecting to a charger that can do damage.

The batteries tend to be a little delicate so it is important to care for them. Sometimes they will give smaller indexes that are working hard, as when your phone is downloading very fast or is discharged despite having little use.

If the battery of your phone gets submit irreparable or failures simply want to change phone, remember to previously backed up your data so as not to miss anything .

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