How To Track And Block A Lost Or Stolen Phone Samsung



all gone through the unpleasant situation that we misplace or steal our cell. Despite all the bad, many companies have attacked is implementing security measures in case of theft or loss of your phone situation, so you can block device and whoever has it can not access your personal information and data.

If you have a Samsung device, either a model J5, J7, S7 or S10 can use a service known as Find my Mobile . is a free service that lets you track and lock the phone if necessary.

How to Block a Cell Track and Samsung lost or stolen

There are many testimonials from users who have lost their Samsung to ensure that Find my Mobile works perfectly. To use the service must have a Samsung account.

You need not worry if the person that your phone got off his SIM and entered another with the tool Samsung Find my Mobile can check the new number through a notification.

In addition you can check the activity of your phone lost, being able to know the last 50 calls made, prolong the battery and even make a backup your device and delete its contents remotely.

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Locate and lock a lost or stolen Samsung

Samsung has a tool called Samsung Dive , it can be accessed through Samsung account, options such as locating my phone, call my mobile, lock my mobile among others.

Find my mobile

In the panel of the menu on the left side of the screen find the option to locate my phone. A pressing this option two alternatives possible where we can click appear: Find my mobile and start tracking via Google Maps.

The first option will allow us to know the current situation of the mobile and can connect to it remotely activating the GPS, in fact, this can be turned on automatically if the option is not enabled. This mode can know the exact location of the whereabouts of our device.

Meanwhile, the Start option tracking lets you know the activity that has taken the mobile in the last 15 minutes can know what has been done to him and what it is used.

Lock my mobile

With this option you may be set a password to the phone and can not be used until the unlock code is entered. In this way we protect our data and information.

This option also allows for a custom message alert you will see on the screen of the mobile. All you have to do is type the message and press the Lock option.

How to use Find my Mobile

As mentioned above, you need a Samsung account to use this service. If you already have and want to try all the advantages offered by Find my Mobile , you must do the following:

The first will go to Settings on your phone from the main menu. The following will press the Biometrics and security. There will have to go to Find my Mobile and activate the tab.

Finally Samsung will enter your account and sign and that’s it. This form can access all the information that gives you Find my Mobile if you extravies or steal your smartphone.

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Other functions Find my Mobile

In addition to the above, this tool Samsung has other useful features that can serve you if extravies your device. Among the options offered by us we have:

Lock and unlock the screen

If you’ll want to lock the screen, so no one can access the information on your phone. Similarly you can also unlock if you forgot your employer or your PIN. Also can delete biometric data as fingerprint and iris.

Sounding my device

If the loss is at home, at work or in a location near you, you can enabled the tone of your phone to the maximum volume so you can find it.

Make a backup

backup your data in Samsung Cloud.

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