How To Turn Night Mode On My Samsung Galaxy S10

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The constant use of mobile devices has become something indispensable. And we usually spend several hours in cell doing various activities. While this may generate a visual impact, creators of some devices have created the night mode. Know, how you can turn night mode on your phone Samsung Galaxy S10.

It is not only important to activate the night mode, it is also useful to know details that will facilitate your daily activities. As light turn notifications on your Samsung Galaxy s10 ; or even better, enable fast charging your phone Samsung Galaxy .

How to Activate night mode on my phone Samsung Galaxy S10

Also, when you see a certain movie you’ll want to activate the Dolby Atmos on your Samsung Galaxy ; more important and not well known, you know enable and configure the SOS emergency message your Samsung . The truth is that the more you know your phone, it will be best for your everyday life.

Returning to the subject that touches us today. It is known that excessive use of these devices, can generate serious consequences on our visual health. Watch your vision and look at this post, how to maintain good eye health while using your mobile device.

What type of configuration offers us night mode Samsung Galaxy S10 ?

Depending on the tastes and needs of users can in our Samsung Galaxy S10 activate night mode manually or automatically . The first option will serve to control ourselves a certain time of the day you want the night mode.

For auto-configuration the phone will know when the day we want to have this option and will activate only


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The way to apply the night mode in our Galaxy S10 starts sliding your finger on the home screen, either up or down


This will take us to where the applications of the phone and see the icon “settings” which must press. We’ll go to a screen that shows various configuration options, but we are mainly interested in is the “Display” option.

A click will have the settings for the “Night Mode” and must press to take you to select the 2 options that you mentioned. One is “Activate Now” , which would be the manual way, and the other “Activate according to the program” auto part.

If we choose to apply “Activate Now” slipped only switch located beside and presto! And we managed to turn night mode our Samsung Galaxy S10.

Now, if we move the button to activate automatically a tab to choose “From dusk to dawn” will open or “Program Personalized” .

In the first alternative the phone by itself recognizes the time of activation, whereas if you customize can pautar the start and the end of execution of the “ Mode night “. At the time and place them give “Done.” you’ve completed the process.

How is the night in the Galaxy S10 interface devices ?

In the activated the “night mode” on our phone we will find a shade of color between black, white, gray and blue. Of course, the dominant color is black, but there is a wonderful balance with the other tones. This contrast allows have the rest of eyes we love so much, while it has an interface very simple and practical.

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A the same as on other devices, the “ night mode ” allows saving the battery for the use of AMOLED screen, which leaves off some areas of the screen. So for all those who spend much time using their mobile Samsung S10, this is great news.

Surely already noticed that activation of the “night mode” of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is quite simple. We have taken care of that in this post you’ve felt comfortable learning to apply this option on your phone. We would like to know your opinion as to whether you’ve helped; so please leave us your important reviews.

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