How To Forward Messages Or Conversations Whatsapp On Iphone Ios

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Today WhatsApp has become, without a doubt, in the instant messaging application most used worldwide.

It has a less 2000 million users, which represents more than a quarter of the world population. Therefore, it goes without saying, which is one of the social networks, not to mention the social network instant messaging favorite in the world.

WhatsApp is available for almost any operating system. even possible to download and install Windows or Mac PC and use it from your computer with the tool WhatsApp web.

It is an application whose download is free . It also serves to send and receive text messages, voice messages, images, documents, videos, locations, contacts, and even audio and video calls for up to 4 people.

Since its inception in 2009, WhatsApp revolutionized the experience of communicating with family and friends. Even if they are far away.

And over the years have made visible changes and updates that this has had. From using voice messages to the inclusion of video calls and for less time, the option of doing it between 4 people. If you are interested to know more about how to make a multiple or group video call by WhatsApp you can read this article


How to use WhatsApp on ¡Phone?

 icon on black iPhone WhatsApp

Besides being a application versatile, useful and complete, it is very simple to use. IOS operation with regard to other operating systems do not have many variations.

Most location changes are due to the design of the device and the operating system of the same. So it’s very simple. In opening the application, it will automatically display the “ chat ” tab, where the messages appear to have sent or received by your contacts.

In the upper right corner, in the same tab chats, your contacts will see and choose who write or call. It is also possible to upload WhatsApp states, with photos and videos that appear available for your contacts to see them for a period of 24 hours.

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In the “Settings” have the options to change the name by which you appear, to change your profile picture, view blocked users make changes to privacy, among others.

That is the basic operation of the application. Knowing that you can start using it and enjoying it. As you use it more often be easier familiar with it.

How forward multiple messages in ¡Phone WhatsApp?

 WhatsApp messages on iPhone

Perhaps many times, have received messages, videos, images and audios like to share with you some of your contacts. But if you are using WhatsApp again in ¡Phone, you may not know how. Here you will learn.

Step 1

Open the application WhatsApp and find the message or messages you want to forward.

Step 2

Hold a few seconds the message you want to share and a number of options will appear in a pop tab. You will see the “Mark”, “Copy”, “Forward” and “Delete” option. As we want to forward the message or series of messages, we press the “Forward” .

Step 3

Once you have pressed the “ Forward ” option, a series of circles appear on the screen at the side of the messages so you can select all you want to forward.

Step 4

After the messages are selected, you must press the button on the bottom right corner and choose one of the options for sharing messages. you can simply copy and paste them into another chat or select the “ Resend ” under the icon WhatsApp.


Step 5

You just have to choose the contact group or send to the one you want and go.

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If you want to know more about what other things can be done using this excellent instant messaging application you can find it by reading your site web.

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