Send Whatsapp Messages Easily Without Adding To Your Contacts

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WhatsApp is a social network that has changed the way we communicate through messages and calls to millions of people worldwide. Having this updated to the latest version for Android and iPhone application becomes more practical for not filing errors.

Now, sure that for some reason or another have had the need to send WhatsApp a number but do not want to add it to your contacts.

What to do in this situation? This and more will explain to you next on the subject. “Send WhatsApp message easily without adding to your contacts

Steps to send WhatsApp messages easily without adding to your contacts

This is a really simple process that requires short and specific steps you can run easily. In the first instance we should mention that to carry out the steps that you give then you will require your phone or PC .

Send WhatsApp messages easily without adding to your contacts on the phone

To be able to send messages to a number not registered on your phone you have to do first is go to your browser preferences. Once you’re located here in the search bar you paste an address or URL. can even talk by WhatsApp without seeing your photo profile on your Android device.

Just after the symbol of equality must set the country code followed by the phone number of the person you want to send messages via WhatsApp. For example, if the country code is +57 and the telephone number is 999999999, the address would look like You see the country code is placed without the plus (+).

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Once you have your custom URL list, access to this and then you will see a page WhatsApp . In this you will be asked if you really want to send messages to the number you wrote down in the URL.

You ask if you want to open that page in WhatsApp and must allow this action by clicking on the “Open” button, then you will be taken to a chat window to initiate conversation with the corresponding number. Now you can send messages to that person without adding it to your contacts.

Send WhatsApp messages easily without adding to your contacts on the PC

If you prefer to perform these steps from the PC is actually very simple. Basically do the same thing you would do from a phone, with the difference that you install WhatsApp on your PC web.

The application of WhatsApp on your PC you can download it from Microsoft Store or Google Play for WhatsApp easily log on to Web , and send from there your messages to contacts that do not want to register.

First, open your browser , place it in the search bar the URL followed by the country code without the symbol (+) followed also the phone number of the person.

After this you press the “Enter” key and the verification page will appear. Clicking on the “Open” on your PC and then see the chat window with the person to start the Hangout.

In this way, you can talk to that person without having to write it down in your contacts, but rather have that number in your mailbox until you finally archives or delete it.

Why send WhatsApp messages easily without adding to your contacts

Maybe this question you the Plantées because send in this way is not very common in WhatsApp, but there are good reasons and situations to do this is an advantage.

For example, do you have many contacts recorded on your phone? If the person you speak is not a friend or relative, you’d better send messages without saving your number for not congest your phone book.

In addition, you may use your WhatsApp for business, shopping, among others, so if you talk with a stranger once for a quick bite would be a waste of time to write down your number as not speak more .

 WhatsApp advantages

You can also block the contact or number WhatsApp if you do not want to rewrite your chat. And maybe it was for that time you needed the contact that person.

Was this really really easy? You can make this process either on your phone or PC easily and what’s more, do not need anyone’s help to do this. You yourself can do this in a few minutes!

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