How To Send A Whatsapp Message To Someone Who Has Blocked Me

Then we will see how to send a WhatsApp message someone I been blocked. This is a process quite simple, although it has a little niggle you should consider.

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not deny that WhatsApp is one of the most instant messaging apps used for many years now. So it is normal that we all have the app on our device. SMS have been forgotten and now everything is handled by this app.

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The problem comes when someone blocks you, you want to communicate. You can see the conversation with that person, but despite messages sent, they do not get you, it means that you have been blocked, among other things.

Something you should consider is that if no ‘re sure that the person you lock , then you should perform the method you will see below and so discover that someone blocked in WhatsApp


How to know if someone blocked me WhatsApp?

Basically when we send a message and a single check mark is, is because he does not get what we send. It may be because you lock or do not have internet access here.

 WhatsApp logo with red letters locked

If we add that we can not see his profile picture nor data on it when we enter their profile. Then it is likely to block us considerably. So, now that we clear when someone has blocked you on WhatsApp , we will see how to send messages to that person.

How to send WhatsApp message to a person who blocked me

To send a message to the person who blocked you will need the help of a third party. Unfortunately there is no way we can send a message if someone else does not help us.

So what should make this third is to create a group and add the person who blocked us and obviously to us. We will need someone else, because if we have blocked we can not add it to the group.

Once the group was created and added to all people, you can start sending messages and who has blocked can read you, in the same way you can read messages from that person.

Of course it is very likely that person will leave the group once you realized you’re trying to communicate. This is pretty obvious, because if someone has managed to block a contact on WhatsApp , is likely to be for something serious.

 whatsapp account with contact locked

However, you know that is the only way to send a message to someone who has blocked me. Maybe with some get lucky fix things and make that person remove the lock out yourself.

WhatsApp messages Send a contact has blocked me

We know it’s not ideal to rely on a third party to send a message to a person who has locked us . Unfortunately WhatsApp does not allow us to communicate with that person otherwise, this is something obvious, since otherwise the option to block someone would have no reason to be.

However, at least for now we have this option on the table to communicate with that person likewise. It is obvious that if you can send an SMS to who has blocked it is also recommended, because in this way you will not need a third party to communicate and not have to enter a WhatsApp group to achieve it.

We hope that the person you lock reconsider and talk again as usual. If you have any problems or questions regarding send a message to someone lock me in WhatsApp You can leave a little down in the comments section.

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