What Is Skype And How Business Works? All Secrets

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know all about Skype know it sure is one of the easiest and most popular versions of communications in recent times. Thanks to its popularity, have created different tools communications with which multiple users can be customized depending on your needs.

What it is and How it Works Skype for Business

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The official version of Skype, is a special version designed for those entrepreneurs who want to use a version of the Skype conventional, which can use the same functions and but a much more optimized. This makes it possible to use the function calls and video conferences so more professional and efficient.

Also within the professional tools business Skype gives you, you can make several invitations exclusively and thus can invite various members of your work computer so you can have them all in one place.

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What is the difference between Skype and Skype business?

Although at first glance, both versions seem very similar versions, however, although both tools have similar resources, are different in terms of tools and functionality .

Skype business has different and multiple special functions, which are designed for the sole purpose of being a special place and ideal for entrepreneurs who require tools simple but very dynamic. One of the best benefits of Business Skype is the number of people with whom you can maintain a live conference .. something that is very beneficial in these moments.

Thanks to its wide possibility and functional tools, you can work with 250 people in a call simultaneously, besides being able to add a person with shared screen.

It is also possible to make an unlimited number of meetings together with up to 10 people without having to subscribe to any special service. Also, thanks to its system, it is possible to use this version of Skype on devices Android , iOS and Windows .

Similarly and meeting the needs of its users, has implemented a slate of collaborations, which is very important in meetings or conferences. This board can be activated by any user with a plus live scoring with PowerPoint.

What business Skype function?

The main function of Skype business and the main reason why it was created, is to create a special and functional especio where entrepreneurs and workers to maintain a flow optimal working and communication, to continue working and thus have successful working days.

It is for this reason that more and more people and businesses are on the look of implementing this tool as a common and recurring working method because it can be useful in your office, business and even within your enterprise.

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How and where to download Skype for Business

Download the Skype application business is quite easy and simple, since it can find it in its official website. In this paragraph we show you how to download and install Skype business in an easy and simple way. However it is important to know that this application is included within the park programs Office 365 , so here we leave you a fairly detailed guide.

  • To begin, you must go to the Office 365 home page where logging must log in with your account.
  • Once inside click inside the icon settings, then display a menu with different options for you to choose the option that is called « software.»
  • When you press the button, you’ll notice that the left side, in a column will highlight the option of Skype for Business. There you only have to choose a language with which to handle such an option and that it is compatible with the version of Office you already own.
  • Once you have started downloading, you just have to accept all terms and conditions so that once the download is complete, the program starts correctly.

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