How To Use Skype Online Without Downloading Or Installing Anything

Then we will see how to use Skype online without downloading or installing anything. Skype is one of my most used instant messaging, especially in the workplace and as distance learning is concerned.

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That’s why it is essential to have an account on this powerful application which we’ve already discussed above. It features a high quality service, voice and video calls in HD quality both image as sound widely outperforming the competition in this regard.

Usually when we talk about an app like this we think that we download it to your computer, then install it and just then we can begin to make use of this.

However, this requires having another installed application of many that will surely have a little getting complicated if you have a PC that does not have great resources. Luckily, Microsoft allows us to use Skype online form, from the same web browser .

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In this way we save some disk space and system resources because with only have one tab open our browser. We will be able to use Skype online without problems and in the same way we would if we download the program.

So a little further down we will see a simple tutorial on How to Use Skype online without downloading much less installing anything . Follow the steps we are going to present in detail and in no time you can enjoy the maximum of the Microsoft app without having to download anything to your PC.

How to Use Skype online without downloading

  • You’ll have to enter the website Skype online .
  • You’ll have to start session. If you do not have an account click on “No account? Create one.
  • can choose whether you want to register using an email or if you want to do with a phone number.
  • When you complete all the two need to check your email and copy the code sent to you.
  • Enter the code on the Skype website and click on “Next“.
  • Follow all instructions the same web of Skype is giving you and then re-enters Skype online.

The web version of Skype works wonders in much the same way as its desktop version. So you can use it without any limitation in the same way you would if you download the version for Windows, for example.

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How to use Skype Web browser without downloading from

If it is your first time with slightly Skype we explain what are each of the options that we have at a glance:

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  • Lupa search Skype: As you can imagine in this text box will be able to find the username or email of the person you want to add as a contact.
  • Contacts : here we see all people who have added to our account and with which we can start a conversation.
  • keypad : This is to make a call
  • Settings : obviously to change the setting from the default if you think necessary. If you do not know very well you’re playing we recommend that you leave everything like this.

It’s pretty easy to learn how to use Skype online without downloading or installing anything . In short it is practically the same as the desktop version. You can do everything you would do with the installable version. It works the same way and is incredibly stable in terms of voice calls and video calls.

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