How To Create A Skype Account And Delete Skype Account?

Today we will see How to create a Skype account and delete Skype account? What you should consider is that Skype accounts also function as those of Microsoft. So it gets a bit complicated to individually remove a Skype account.

Microsoft works in a similar way to Google in this regard. With a single account you can access all services including Skype is just. Can use the app with an Outlook account.

A little further down we will go into detail so that there is no kind of doubt about how to create an account and also how to delete it if you no longer’re most interested in using the app and do not want none I remain your data recorded anywhere. It is a somewhat complicated process.

How to create a Skype account

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You can create a Skype account from its official website. You can also use a Microsoft account (Outlook) to make use of the application. From the same web detail will guide you step by step so you can Create your Skype account.

If you already have an account Microsoft can start using Skype without making an account from the web app. Simply download and sign the application and ready. You can start using it to communicate.

Then your user name will share it with friends or colleagues that you add to the application. You can even use your Microsoft account to use Skype or other services of the company as One Drive or Xbox.

In the same way as with Google and Gmail. With an account you can access all the services the company provides .

How to delete a Skype account

delete skype

In case you want to delete a Skype account. Bear in mind that it is linked to the Microsoft account so you can not remove it unless you also do it with that of Microsoft. Which means you would not have access to other services of the company.

What you can do is untie your Skype account from that of Microsoft. To do this just follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Skype with your account.
  • Now click on your username to go to your profile.
  • Go to « Account Details » and there click on « Account Settings «.
  • Then you must go to « Accounts linked «.
  • Click on « Disconnect » to achieve untying your account to that of Microsoft.
  • A warning where you detailing what will happen appear. If you are sure simply press « Continue » and ready.
  • Delete definitely my Skype username.

If you want to permanently delete your Skype account you will have to also close your Microsoft partner. For this you go to the website of closing accounts Microsoft and follow all the steps in same. It is a very simple and mostly pretty quick process.

Create a Skype account is a very simple process. it is also eliminate some extent. If you do not want to have linked accounts or want to share but, ideally you create two accounts separately to avoid this kind of situation.

However, you know very well Composing and a Skype account. But as always if you have any kind of doubt can leave a little down in the comment box.

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