How Easily Know If I Have Blocked Skype

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Skype is one of the most important and useful tools communication the world. With this tool users can make and receive, in addition to writing texts and making video calls Call among many more functions you can do . with other users on the same platform

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How to know if I have blocked Skype

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However, as in any social network, users who wish beyond eliminate you you can also, restrict and block you, to even hide , so you do not have any contact with them. Likewise, there are certain methods by which you can get to know if this is what is happening with a contact specific is this or not.

From our web device and even mobile, we can use and monitor the operation of the tools offered by Skype. Read the post to learn more about its functions and tools.

How to know if a user has blocked within Skype

With Skype, there is no definitive way with which to verify whether or not it is true that a user has us blocked . However, there are several references which we can verify the information. To see whether or not a user has blocked you from this communication tool, is attentive to the following indications.

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What state said contact is

This is one of the first clues that will help you decipher this enigma. The first thing to do is locate that users in your Skype contacts , then to make a comparison and check whether this is or is not within them. If that person is within this list, you can distinguish the green icon with which it appears.

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However, this may appear equally in yellow, which indicates that the person takes a while without registering any type of activity . If instead the place that appears is red, this indicates that the contact does not want to be interrupted by any contact.

A key factor that can give you all the tracks you want, is if the photo side profile of the contact appears a question mark. This might mean 2 things: the first is that such contact has not been registered within the platform , and thus the friend request that you have sent para add it to your contacts is pending to accept or second, that indeed you have blocked.

Make a test by sending a message

This is another option very effective and fast, which can wipe out all your doubts. For starters, you only looking for that user in your contact list, then it begin to start a private chat.

He continues writing the message you want to send and press the enter button. Once sent, if you notice that the message is not sent, but despite all, your internet works perfectly, this could get to be an indication that blocked you from contact the other person.

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Can you see your profile picture?

This is one of the simplest way to check if the other person has blocked or deleted, to and usually within the security settings of people within this social network, if you do not have a contact in specific in your list, this can not view or display any personal information like photos, messages, connections, etc.

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Thanks to security settings, it is possible that many users feel more secure within this platform. Advantage to the maximum all the Tools and the benefits that this platform offers and continues to enjoy good service these tips you’ve left here.

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