How To Put A Video On A Video Call Whatsapp -Very Easy

video call whatsapp

Since the instant messaging application known worldwide as WhatsApp and was created by Jam Koum, went on the market, never thought would reach such acceptance. Its main objective was that users could are Connected through short messages, voice memos, images and video calls.

All this just have a data plan or WiFi connected by a network. The following article will show you which steps to take to learn how to put a video on a video call WhatsApp.

How to put a video in a video call from WhatsApp -Very Easy

But this app also gives you the possibility as a user you connect via Group Chat. and additionally can send files as well as set your Personal Location and share all your contacts. It is for this variety of features offered every day add more fans to their long list of followers.

Every day, we are surprised by the different functions offered by applications communication and is very helpful to learn how to use them. It is for this reason that we wanted to offer them a tutorial explaining you have to do to find out post a video on a video call WhatsApp.

 put video

How to put a video on a video call WhatsApp

Currently, one of the most widely used method of communication and distributed among users of this platform is the video call. Should be, how easy it being so close to family, friends and coworkers. Not only power but also talk to them and to contact them with your own eyes, as they are and that both have changed.

It is a very useful tool for all that we use WhatsApp as a means to connect with our loved ones. So learn to use this feature is really a great success and the following article you will know that you do to make the Video calls are your most common way to connect with your contacts.

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We must always remember that we have the WhatsApp App updated to its latest version to enjoy all the features offered by the application without any problem. Updating the can purchase through the Play Store . And then you enumerate way to make post a video on a video call WhatsApp.

Make video call from WhatsApp

It is also important to know that in order to make Video call to other contacts, they also must have and have updated this feature on their mobile devices. Otherwise it will not be possible that the video call is effected, since it is necessary that both users have this feature enabled and updated.

To get started and to make the video call, the first thing we do is go to WhatsApp application. Then you open the Chat contact of that person you want to set the video call. A going into getting an icon shaped phone that is on the top right and you click on it.

And what you should do next is to select the option of video calling, and so easily you have started the connection. Now you just have to expect the other person treats you to start the video call and experience what is talk to your friend or family and see his face.

Clara this, so your contacts see you and you also can see you have a smartphone that has a front camera. This way you will enjoy the beauty of this feature that gives you the platform WhatsApp . But we will teach you another way to make video calls.

If you are in the application and press the Call tab, you can tell there, all those calls you’ve done or have had. If some of these has been a video call, you just click on the video icon that appears and you will start making video calls and must wait, just that the other person treats you.

 video call camera

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As you can see it is a fantastic feature. And you have learned to use it, just follow the steps here and always shows you can post a video on a video call WhatsApp.

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