How To Make Video Calls On Skype? Easily And Safely

we refer to one of the fundamental communication programs to calls and video calls via Internet . This is a communication tool really needed especially when connecting with family needs who are staying abroad. It is even used to make video calls and keep working remote meetings.

skype video call person

Skype was created in 2011, thanks to a group of web developers who were in northern Europe. However, the company is now part of the package of services that Microsoft offers. Its main strength is messaging and services that are web-based .

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However, users who prefer their web spaces, do so on their quality of service as calls and videos. Its interface is created in a way that is simple to usual, and in turn, those novice users can send text messages, make calls or start a videoconference simply and with the simple touch of un.


skype start

What are the steps to make a call via Skype?

  1. To start you download and install Skype.
  2. Once you do, must log into your platform or register in it.
  3. Once you’re in, you just have to enter your contact book, then choose the contact with whom you want to communicate.
  4. Press double-click on the contact and it will open immediately, tab private chat. In this screen, located on the right side of your screen are three buttons, which, the first can make a video call, with the latter make voice calls and the third icon will open different options, which are to create a group chat.
  5. A start time to make the call, have different commands and tools which can set the live chat as well as add more people or activate or remove the webcam.

    With these options can have all the elements necessary to carry out the flame correctly and without any interruption.

    How to make use of the views and controls video

    When you find yourself in a conversation, you can choose various options and configurations. These settings can help you continue your call in a much more pleasant and even way with the ability to configure it in order to have more people within it. These controls are:

    • Vista Gallery: This option can set the way you see the screens of the participants. This works as long as you have more than two people in the call.
    • View speaker: With this option, you can display the image and video as a moderator in the lower right corner and you’ll have access to the content of the meeting especially
    • Content View This option is ideal for displaying content that is reflected in the meeting.
    • Vista Compact: This button will help you show how mosaics in all video windows of the participants.
    • Audio Off, audio Reactivate or Remove: This is one of the most useful options, allowing you to immediately and with the touch of a button to disable the audio, reactivate it and even remove it.
    • Full screen view: With this option, you have a much broader view of photos, video and even the windows of video calls that you own.

      These are elementary options to have a comfortable communication. Skype offers multiple communication tool which will be much easier to communicate with anyone around the world.

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