How To Use Skype Without Internet, Without Sim Card And Offline?

Skype is one of the most popular communication software, so it is common doubts arise about whether to use Skype without internet, without SIM card and without connection is possible.

Within the world of Skype, almost everything is possible from a trick to use two cameras to Skype the fact use Skype online without downloading or installing anything.

So for those who have reached this post seeking answers to these questions, either three or something specific, then we will see the possibilities

How To Use Skype Without Internet Without Sim Card And Offline

My device does not have SIM card can I use Skype?

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Answering the question directly: yes, if possible use the application in question, although the team does not have SIM card . We explain why and how. This is one of the reasons why use Skype instead of another application.

To begin with, you do not need to even have a phone number , although it is an option. Since this works directly with the Internet.

In this sense, to open or create an account, we can choose to use that number or e-mail (from Microsoft) and choose the desired user name.

As for how to use it is only necessary that the device, either a computer or portable as a smartphone or tablet, has Internet access .

The latter can be both wired connection and direct connection or a Wi-Fi network, the tool makes no difference as long as stable and, at least, of average quality.

Being able thus make calls as usual both video calls normally, without neglecting the possibility of messages and other modalities included.

How to use Skype without Wifi?

This is a fairly common question, but the answer is very simple, and even becomes obvious. Anyway, here we have no problem clarification.

In this way, use Skype without a Wi-Fi is possible, as long as the device is portable or not, have internet access by other means .

Let us delve more into this, for example, we talk about the mobile application, we could use it if the computer has Internet access via data or navigation megs.

On the other hand, to the being a computer or PC, this would have to have a wired connection or by BAM (mobile broadband) or skewer portable internet.

So, it is not essential that the connection is via a Wi-Fi network, provided, again, the device has internet and this is of acceptable quality.

Although it is always recommended that if it is possible to connect to a wireless network, this is the best option compared with mobile data, the best quality presents the first and the cost high that often result the last.

Skype works without internet?

In the two preceding paragraphs, has emphasized the need for internet to use services known voice and video calls.

But what many users are unaware of is that, in fact, you can use Skype without internet, how is this possible? Using as using other services.

This is called Skype To Go , and is intended primarily for calls abroad, to save on them, enjoying a good price.

This service has the distinction of operating in both mobile and fixed telephony, without any internet connection or 3G coverage .

Now, as to how it works, basically it comes to assigning a number (which is unique) Skype To Go to call overseas numbers.

In this sense, one would need to purchase the service, which runs through subscription fees or through direct credits Skype.

After that, set the number of the Skype To Go is free , and has a limit of numbers related to nine.

For those who want to know more about this wonderful service, can access Skype’s blog by clicking here , and get first hand information and assistance.

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