How To Log On To Skype With Gmail, Alexa, Office 365, Facebook, Outlook Or Hotmail

Need to use Skype and do not know how? Learn how to log in using Skype with Gmail, Alexa, Office 365, Facebook, Outlook or Hotmail.

How to sign in to Skype with Gmail, Alexa, Office 365, Facebook, Outlook or Hotmail

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Skype is a powerful tool, belonging to Microsoft, which allows text communication, voice and video over the Internet, free of charge to users Skype . This has made it very useful for conduct interviews in real time over long distances and even online education.

In addition, offers the possibility of special flames, with very low rates among network computers and mobile or fixed telephony.

In addition, Skype admits buying a temporary phone number, available in 27 regions or countries, which enables forwarding calls and texts.

This means users with phone numbers Skype assigned can receive calls or messages directly to any of your devices with the application installed. The application Skype is available for use on computers with OS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

You can also download the application to intelligent terminals with Android, iOS, or Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox and Amazon Alexa devices even can use Skype online without downloading or installing anything .

Gmail login with
 Logging in to Skype

First need to enter the application on your device or the web site Skype and press the create account section. Create your account for Skype and even eliminate whenever you want.

You’ll see that asks you to enter a phone number, press to obviate this link Using an email address in place .

Enter the email account Gmail you want to use and press next. Then establishes a secure and pressed again next password.

Fill in the required information, full name; if you want your contacts find you easily enter your real data, otherwise just your initials.

Finally verify your account by entering the code you found in the email you used to register and click Next. Now you can log on to any device with the Skype application installed or on the web, using your email Gmail.

Sign in with Alexa

If you possess any device Alexa should set the Amazon Alexa Android or iOS, available in their respective app stores.

Once in the app go to Settings, then press the Communication and then select Skype option; enter data from your account to link your accounts.

Now you just have to ask Alexa to Call a contact in your list or dictate the phone number you want to contact.

Login with Office 365
 Login Skype for Business

If you are using the package Office 365 You can find Skype for Business from the set of products offered. Download it by accessing the website Office 365 .

Once installed on your device you just have to open the application, enter your user ID and password for Office 365 and press Log.

Sign in with Facebook

Before you start to have installed the applications Skype on your device. Also you must own account on both platforms.

Open the Skype application on your device and sign in as usual beams. And located within the application’s icon Facebook .

Enter your Facebook session data and grant the permissions needed to link the accounts. In addition can import your contacts from Facebook to easily Skype, you can now talk and share information.

Login with Outlook or Hotmail

If you have an account Outlook or Hotmail should only start session in Outlook platform and use the Control Skype website.

To do this press the SELECT button and click on the application icon Skype; Wait a minute to load.

You can also log on to your mobile device or computer application from Skype using your Outlook or Hotmail data without having to create a new account.

Start your Skype session with any of the forms that you learned in this article and start enjoying communicate with your contacts.

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