How To Make And Keep Skype Does Not Automatically Start In Windows 10


Skype is one of the platforms calls and video calls best known of the world, were the pioneers in this paragraph and now belong to the Microsoft company. To learn how to make and keep Skype can not start automatically in Windows 10, read this article.

How To Prevent and Skype does not start automatically in Windows 10

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No doubt Skype is one of the best applications call that exist, its performance makes it the preferred choice for companies and institutions that perform consistently video calls, this is why you need to know to manage it properly.

While many people wonder What is best Skype or WhatsApp? The truth is that Skype has a great advantage, and that is natively available on PC, yet the autostart can be a problem, but here we’ll show you how to fix it.

How to avoid Skype and start automatically on Windows 10

Deactivate autostart applications can help you free up memory on the system by improve performance in Windows 10 . We recommend this process in case you have a team of low performance. To disable the automatic startup of Skype follow these steps

  1. The first step is to open the Skype application, the applicant requests data login, provide your email or user and password.
  2. Once you are within the application press on the three points located on the side of your username. They appear on the screen settings. application
  3. Among the many options present must click on the General. The first option should aparecerte is Start Skype automatically , to avoid starting with Windows disable this option.
  4. Similarly we also recommend that you turn off the Start Skype option in the background .
  5. performing the above procedure will have correctly disabled the automatic startup of Skype.
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    Other methods to disable the automatic startup of Skype

    While the above procedure is useful, there are certain things you should consider. It is very possible that other services Skype continued operation and automatically starting with your system. For this consider the information that we will provide here.

    Using Task Manager to prevent Skype automatically start

    In the event that Skype still consuming process capacity of your computer, it is very possible that is running in the background. For this we have a solution, using the task manager and avoid Skype to start automatically.

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    1. For this the first thing to do is to open the task manager. Will you press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete , keys what security options, click on Task Manager .
    2. will appear on screen

    3. Once the Task Manager on your screen should be directed to the Home click on it.
    4. tab

    5. Here you must locate any related application Skype, if you find one, click right on it and click the Disable option.
    6. This is another way to ensure that the Skype program does not start automatically.
    7. It should be noted, so that to use this tool more efficient the system is best correctly customize Manager Windows Task , so you can access easy to all information.

      For more advanced users

      Similarly if it still exists some process running Skype related to applications, you can choose to enter boot options via Msconfig. Keep in mind that this is a procedure quite advanced, so it is preferable to the less informed about how to start, restart and stop Windows services from CMD , yet do it with great care.

      1. To make this setting press the Windows + R , the Run program displayed.
      2. In the space type the following text “ msconfig ” and click on OK.
      3. Go to the Services and enable the Hide option all Microsoft services . In this way all the services of third party applications will be shown, such as Skype.
      4. Locate any services related to Skype and disable it. After this press the OK button.
      5.  Skype App

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        The above methods can be quite useful for Disable Skype autostart . Similarly, you can disable the startup of other applications not want to run automatically.

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