Who Can Use Skype Business Now?

 business who can use Skype right now

There are few who have doubts about Who can use Skype for Business these moments? After all Skype is one of the most used applications in the enterprise sector. Can I use the enterprise version right now? Who can use it? will try to answer these questions below.

Skype is an excellent application to keep communicated to many people at once flawlessly. We can not deny that even though other apps are much easier and faster for certain things. The app Microsoft maintains a level of quality in terms of sound and image that none can match.

That is why for business, for labor and for those who study at a distance is just perfect. We know the benefits of standard version of Skype , which generally we used. But What happens to your business version?

This version has unique features for medium and large companies that can make things much when conferencing and as for the management of employee accounts. Let’s go into detail further down.

 skype phone application

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Business Differences Between Skype and Skype

The version of Skype which generally use is ideal for small businesses or small businesses those that has no more than twenty employees. It is completely free and complies with everything you need so you can maintain fluid communication among your peers.

Business Skype takes the level a little higher as enables online meetings up to 250 people . The security level is enterprise application which allows you more control of it. In turn it is very easy to manage accounts of your employees and is perfectly integrated into Office. The only thing is that it costs $ 2 per user month.

Then we have Meetings Skype is also a free version and that during the first 60 days we can have conversations with up to ten people at the same time, after those 60 days the maximum is 3 for free. You can make HD conferencing, screen sharing, using a collaborative whiteboard, laser pointer, etc.

As if this were not enough also can access professional controls and the ability to mute all participants. The only bad thing is that for the moment is only available in the United States.

 skype phone table

How to download and install Skype Business

  • You’ll have to go to Office.com and login.
  • Once you’re signed should go to the gear icon to enter “ Settings ” which is located on the top right of the screen.
  • Now you have to select the link to Office 365 in my application settings.
  • Here you have to choose Software.
  • Click Skype for Business in the left column.
  • The first thing you’ll do is choose the language, then the version that should be the same as the Office programs you have and the end just click on install.
  • After this you must choose “ Run ” to start download business Skype . Confirm and start downloading.

We hope that this article will clear Who can use Skype business right now? And above all where is available as only people living in the United States can use this version of the app.

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We hope that with the passage of time Microsoft decided to release this version to everyone to enjoy all the advantages that this version of Skype has to offer medium and large companies.

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