What Is My Username On Skype? And My Skype Id?

 Skype App called

Skype is an application for voice and video calls very popular, which is still used at the level more or less general. Anyway not everyone is aware of your username, it is for this reason that today you will learn What is my username on Skype? And my Skype ID

What is my Username in Skype-my ID Skype

If you have doubts about your ID, You can easily verify and today we’ll show you how. Read carefully the guide we have for you and find out once and for all your ID and Skype.


Today Skype allows calls from the mobile phone , send messages and many Other options. The platform became famous many years ago by the above characterized thus able to make calls to others with the application, such as landline numbers and cell phones.

A day today there are other electives that may be more convenient, such as WhatsApp. Either way the Skype application is still used by many people who consider it quite convenient and useful.

 Skype Applications

The application Skype is mainly used for labor issues, allowing very easily make virtual conferences from media very efficient. In fact, the App has qualities so interesting that even allow use Skype to create their own video surveillance system and Similar actions when creativity is used.

However, although the application have many advantages are many users who complain that they do not really know what your ID or username. In this tutorial you will leave this doubt you ails, read carefully the information we have to provide.

What is my username on Skype? And my ID Skype?

While we recommend Skype upgrade to the latest version , the fact is that also it can be used through of the browser.

In fact, for a while the Skype application , was integrated with Outlook, in other words with the postal service of Microsoft. Thanks to this we have access to Skype directly from our emails, and it is precisely this email which we will use to meet our ID.

View your Skype ID

  1. The first thing to do is log on to Outlook, the Microsoft messaging service, which for some time was integrated with Skype.
  2. Provides data on your Microsoft account, and log normally.
  3. Outlook is a messaging system quite complete, so you will find many different options. In any case it is necessary to access the APPLICA Zone s.
  4. be able to access the application by pressing the small area dotted box that is located on the top left of your screen.
  5. A pressing click on the applications all available applications is in this space that should appear Skype will be displayed. If it does not appear Skype, press on all applications .
  6. Click on Skype, so the system will redirect you to their official website. As you will see it is not necessary to have the application installed as it became in the past.
  7. You must press on the upper left corner where it appears your name or profile photo . Screen will jump on the many options available to you.
  8. Click on the Skype profile . This screen will display related information with your profile, you must locate Skype name.
  9. This is where to get your ID easily recognizable because it appears after “ live “., Copy and saves this information
  10.  The Skype ID

    After the above process have access to your ID , as you will see is quite simple to perform. Remember protect this information so you do not have to perform these steps again.

    Having located correctly your ID, you can start using the application without problems, Skype lets you import your contacts from Facebook , enabling a more professional space for video conferencing and video calls.

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