Changing The Default Language To Spanish Or Slack Another Language

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There are many options we can find to work & nbsp; from the comfort of our home, without having to move to an office. It is well known the boom «> different platforms

And this is none other than Slack and we invite you to keep reading and know what to do to & nbsp;. Change the default language Slack to the Spanish or another language

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Before continuing, it is important that you know very well Slack is and how it works , so you can make the most. Since many users worldwide enjoy its benefits. Although we should also mention that you have a free version with certain limitations and a paid version that fits your needs and requirements.

To start using it you should direct their official website and from there you can in the first instance to try the free version. It is treated as a kind of virtual office where & nbsp; a group of people gather and communicate direct message. In addition you can also share your ideas, tools and virtual applications that allow them to be more efficient.

How to change the default language to Spanish or Slack another language

It is very important that when we enter a page on our PC or an application from your mobile phone. We can see the graphical interface in a language that is understandable to us, otherwise it will be a little difficult to use.

change language slack

For the idea is globalization and be used and understood by all, although it is possible that even available is not found in the language you use. But it is possible with the spell check option, can send messages or read them on your language. But without more preamble we tell you what you must do to change the default language to Spanish or Slack another language.

Steps to change the default language to Spanish or Slack another language

Currently the application or platform Slack is available in single 7 languages ​​ These are, Spanish, & nbsp; English, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, French, Korean, and Japanese. As you can tell, these languages ​​have the ability to enter many countries. Although the incorporation of other languages ​​is expected to grow as the platform.

Now if you’re the lucky ones to have the native language of your choice or to make use of this application, then you must do the following. If you make use of a personal computer, you first log in, after that you go to the top right of the screen and click on the photo or image from your profile.

This action will generate a menu and it’ll select the Preferences , the next step is to select the language and region. Now the option Language preciar going down menu in which the language of your choice and you choose which is. In this way we have changed the default language of Slack, through the PC.

If instead of using the computer going to use the mobile app on iOS systems Slack, you do the following. Being in the application’ll find the YOU tab located at the bottom of the screen. Then you go to click on the Preferences option and finally going to press the Language option and here You can choose the one you prefer .

configure language slack

If your application Slack case is device running Android operating system, you will proceed as follows. Enters the application, then go to the tab YOU’ll place down the screen. Then click the Settings button, then click the option language and region, then press the Language button, make the choice and finally click OK.

And so we’ve shown the different ways you have to change the default language to Spanish or Slack another language.

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