How To Edit, Delete And Delete Files And Messages Easily Slack

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If you do not know it exists today an online platform that will allow you to be in the office with your workgroup, but without having to leave home. This innovative form of teleworking is making every & nbsp; day more people join it.

You have several ways to use the free version and may experience some problems. It’s why you indicate how to edit, delete and delete files and messages easily Slack.

How to Edit, Delete and delete files and messages easily Slack

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These problems are mainly in lack of space you can have in the free version of Slack , to file and store messages. That is why the time to use this tool, you will be informed that his team exceeded the limit of messages and files that can be saved and then you will need to delete them or delete them.

So if you did not, you only have when you make use of the free version of Slack 5GB of storage. You can also add or integrate more than 10 applications, so if you do not know these limitations need to take a letter on the matter. Or you Afilias to a payment plan that offers greater storage capacity or learn to edit, delete and delete files and messages easily Slack.

How to edit, delete and delete files and messages easily Slack

It is important to remember that Total space storage that lets you Slack is 5 GB. & Nbsp; Of course this is in the free plan and when this limit is reached storage, both messages and files can not be loaded, but remain accessible, it is then it will be necessary that they be eliminated.

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This in order to have space for new files and messages, but do not worry if you do not know how to proceed so you can delete these messages and file your storage clean sweep. So then we’ll show you what simple steps you must perform to edit, delete and delete files and messages are Slack.

Steps to edit, delete and delete files and messages easily Slack

That is why it is very important to know how it works Slack and benefits it offered to all those who use this new platform. You may have some resemblance to other applications such as Skype or Hangouts . But the purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to use a platform efficiently and have no problems with the use.

To begin we will show you what you must do to remove a file or message and it’ll be next. Having logged , you’ll head to the top of the screen and you’ll click the icon three points. A menu will appear with options and they’ll select your files, now will show a list of files.

The next step is to choose which want to delete files, it is important to know that not allows multiple file . What this means is that you must make the selection of one to one. Once you select it you do click on the Yes and thus the selected file will be deleted.

In case you are owner WorkSpace , you can in a very simple delete files you have added to a channel. To do this, just pick the original message and then follow the steps offered you before. The same’re going to make for all messages one by one.

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You can also delete a channel if the owner so desires and thus be erased all the information contained therein, such as files, messages etc. To do this you go to the workspace and select the channel to delete. Settings select and open & nbsp; Setting the channel, then click on Additional options and then delete this channel and then press yes.

In this way it becomes so simple, it is important to know the tools we use to work. Since there are many «> and Slack < strong> it is an excellent choice to form our working group.

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