Replying To A Message Slack From A Pc Windows Or Mac

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When an application or online platform & nbsp; is good or bad is usually hear much about it, but in recent weeks the sound heard over Slack is very good. And this is perhaps because it allows a workgroup or more, work in an organized way from home.

Since this is becoming a global trend, the known pandemic. So in this article we will tell how to respond to a message from a PC Slack Windows or Mac.

How to reply to a message in Slack From a PC Windows or Mac

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It is to work on a platform that we do not know very well, we may seem a bit confusing and all our work is not flowing as it should. It is for this reason that it is super important to know what is and how it works Slack. It is not just working on an application from a Windows environment, from a Mac environment.

As you know, when you use the platform from official Slack, how different working groups interacts between them is direct messages. If receiving a message have no idea how to answer it, you’re in trouble. But do not worry more, you came to the right place and here we will show you how.

How to respond to a message from a PC Slack Windows or Mac

It is important now to use applications that allow us to be more productive our work online and Slack is one of them. And for this reason we want to teach the proper use of the platform and have no problems to the use. We’ll show you step by step to answer a direct message, both Windows and Mac.

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The first thing that we will do, is go to the Slack homepage from the browser. & Nbsp; In case you have installed the application on our computer we can access it if you use Windows environment through the Start menu. In the case of having a Mac, let & nbsp; to go to the Applications folder and there look Slack.

Steps to respond to a message from a PC Slack Windows or Mac

Now, the first step to having entered the application is to search the message that has come to answer it. Select it, remember that these are in Direct messages in the column on the left side. There we will see the name of the user who sent the message and we will click on the name.

In Idle conversation with the user, now to respond to the message, it will show must click on the Send message to & nbsp; @tdftips. This option will find at the bottom of the screen. A must then write the message you want to reach this member of your team.

Once you have completed writing your message, you send and it’ll just press the Enter key and Your message will appear in conversation . So easy you can reply to messages you receive from the members of your workgroup. In case you want to respond through a channel, you must do the following.

To begin you enter the platform or Slack application , you apply the steps indicated in the first part for it. & Nbsp; Once inside’ll select the channel you’re going to locate these perfectly in the left column in the Channels option. You will see messages sent to these channels and passes the mouse pointer over any of them.

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This action will generate four icons are displayed on the top right, in the second to the order you select is the icon box. To the right is displayed expanded threads column through them can be held parallel talks Slack without this form is invasive.

Now answer the channel if you want to also get the answer as & nbsp; direct message select the box also as a direct message Send . Finally click on the Send, yet simple, this platform will help a lot in the Digital Marketing , we guarantee it.

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