What It Is, What It Does And How It Works Slack? – Advantages And Disadvantages

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communications in a company are fundamental for the development of fructífereo of it. Finally, these communications have mutated to be face to face to be through direct mail applications.

Today is much more common to see a company is internationalized and with offices in different countries are very frequent meetings of coordinators video calls to develop a marketing plan.

What is this it is and how it works Slack? – Pros and Cons

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In this sense, it is ideal for an application that meets all the requirements you can ask the company. In this sense comes Slack, an application of IM very useful for companies , small, medium and large.

Slack took much of the corporate market with the advantages, replacing, in many respects to other applications such as Skype. If you want to know what is Slack, how it works and its benefits read this article.

What is Slack and what is it?

Slack is an instant messaging application that facilitates and helps many management process within a company and its working groups.

Although it is a tool designed for use by companies, works great for any type of terrain you want to improve the instant messaging communication.

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The main difference Slack with other applications that perform the same function that allows you to create groups with a number unlimited members, In addition to sharing all kinds of files for its canals and the ability to create public and private channels.

Slack is great for self-employed workers who develop a project for a company where we can communicate in a private or useful channel to a group of workers who develop a project.

The main reasons Slack has gained tremendous popularity and managed to add many users is because is a free application, although there is a paid version that includes additional features.

may also be configured in several ways and is very easy to handle and coupled with other tools such as Twitte r, Drive, Dropbox, among others.

How Slack put to work?

Create a network game is very simple. The first thing to do is to access your official website and enter e -Mail. After that, you must create your workgroup Create a new team   then create your user name and ends by pressing the Create button my new team Slack


Once the group must be added to the participants but application provides this option, which facilitates the process. We’ll have to enter the mails of all participants to add.


However, you add members to the application, but not necessarily everyone will be added in the channel. You decide that members add to the channel you just created later.

Finally, the desktop application can create different channels, file sharing or customize your channel and notifications. All this supported by a robot, which further facilitates the process.

Slack Key Benefits

As mentioned above, this application has gained much ground in business, but this is due to the many benefits it offers, among which include the following:

  • It has many features that encourage teamwork, especially everything related to the downloading of files to the cloud
  • has a lite free version, you can have channels different unlimited participants.
  • has integration with other tools like Twitter, Dropbox, Drive Trello, among others.
  • It is entirely free
  • You can make calls even if you are not in the office with a device that Slack

major disadvantages

Unfortunately, not everything can be good, and although it may seem, this application has a number of drawbacks which make their operation is not the most optimal. Some of these disadvantages are:

  • Do not allow video calls that complicates effective communication
  • As you accumulate the information, it becomes very difficult to get unsaved information.
  • Do not let the Save   Video
  • fail to see the last time the user was logged

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