How To Download And Install Applications And Games On Smart Tv Samsung, Lg, Hisense And Sony

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Learn download and install applications and games Smart TV it is essential to fully enjoy this type of technological equipment


How to download and install applications and games on Smart TV Samsung, LG, Hisense and Sony

But there are different brands and models on the market, each with its own shop default to manage and acquire the different Apps .

So, although the concept is the same, the procedure to download the programs might vary slightly.

Samsung Smart TV Applications

There are many applications that came with effect from the store, but if you want to download others, is very simple.

To begin, make sure that the equipment is properly connected to a internet network , wired or WiFi.

Then, the television lights and the command or control in hand, the button is pressed to access the “ Smart Hub ” in the main menu.

Next, the options are displayed, so there will be an icon for games and another for applications. It is ranked the second.

In this way, the App Store, where you can see the items that are already installed will open. And on top there will be a belt of categories you can refine your search.

Now, to install applications on Samsung Smart TV coach moves through the various options, with control, to give the desired.

To continue, simply click on the icon for the item in question, and then on the screen to select “ Download ” and ready.

TV samsumg

We also recommend you take advantage of successfully download and install Google Chrome browser and enjoy the benefits it brings.

Smart TV LG

To access the store on a Smart TV LG , and firing equipment must be selected in the menu mode LG Smart World , so proceed to login LG account with TT by ID and password.

Therefore, since they can locate applications on Smart TV brand. The best thing is to look Using categories to later give in “ Install “.

Also, it is recommended to review the requirements and conditions of each element, as some are specific to certain models, conditioning installation.

Hisense Smart TV Equipment

The latest Smart TV Hisense come by default with the Google Play Store. So, to download applications that will access it.

To begin, you will need to place your computer in the form that interests us, this is done by pressing “ Home ” and then going to the “ Applications ” section or “ Smart Hub “.

Then, if you opt for the “ My Apps ” access to the elements already pre-loaded will have, whereas if and to install another application on Smart TV Hisense will open the Store.

Finally This is accomplished by the “ playstore “, “ Google ” or indicated by the “ Hisense ” plus the model section, the it all depends on the device you have.

Finally, you just have to search among the wide range of games and Apps that presents and hit Play “ Install ” in which required.

Sony App Store to install applications

A the same as in the previous case, from 2017, teams Smart TV Sony include the Android operating system.

 Hisense TV with the word

Which means, you will have access to the Google Play Store to download any application or game. Only need to enter the corresponding section and browse until you find the desired item.

Culminating the process handing over the “ Install ” to be displayed on screen, and so already will have the option program in question.

Play Store on any device to install applications

There are users that what they want is to have applications on their devices that are unique to the Google Store.

So, if the computer in question is from brands like Samsung, LG, or an older model of Hisense and Sony, this may seem impossible.

Well, there is a solution and this is acquiring a Android TV Box , which gives the Smart TV Android you need to run the store.

So, simply connect the Box to the TV via the HDMI cable and turn this mode from the command instructions are followed and so easy that you can access the Play Store for Apps download. Not only download Apps, also remember that can download streaming channels like HBO , Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Smart TV accounts with many benefits today, not only for its ease of use and because they let you enjoy all the channels streaming, but also because of its features allow you to conectarte other devices such as sound , and PC phone.

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