How To Increase The Number Of Ports Or Hdmi Connections In My Smart Tv?

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If you have a smart TV with a few HDMI inputs, do not worry because through the following tutorial will teach How to increase the number of ports or HDMI connections in my Smart TV?

The lack of connections in a smart TV can be a big problem. Fortunately, you can connect your computer to a smart TV if the cable or apply another viable option than just show you the following guide. Read the following information to solve the problem with the lack of HDMI ports Smart TV.


The limitation of the HDMI connections on smart TVs

Daily Smart TV are more relevant to the general public because the way we consume media content has changed over the years. Given this, platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, are the main objective of access entertainment for most users. However, those who do not have these can convert your old TV into Smart TV with Android devices in order to obtain an acceptable result.

Given this development, smart devices such as Smart TVs have increased exponentially in popularity. The most expensive to least expensive, each offer one entertainment solution for viewers .

In any case, save on a chip has its bad points television, which in most cases leads to the limited availability of HDMI ports. This can hinder the use of the TV if you want to transmit the PC screen to the Smart TV or if you have many devices that connect plan.

Given this, the question arises may increase the number of ports or HDMI connections on a Smart TV? If you want to know the answer to this question, we recommend that you read the following information.

How to increase the number of ports or HDMI connections in my Smart TV?

Have some ports or HDMI connections on our televisions can become a problem, especially if we have multiple devices. Anyway, there are solutions that could be useful to connect multiple devices to our Smart TV.

The main option that you should consider are called Switch. These are devices that offer the solution in case you have problems with the amount of connection ports on your TV.

 Smart TV

Use a switch to increase the number of ports or HDMI connections

When we talk about Switch we mean devices capable of obtaining signals from various devices for transmitting to one or more products. In this case, the working switch with the HDMI connection, are capable of receiving the video signal of various devices, and then transmit it to a TV or monitor.

There are many Switch models, in any case, they all meet for this purpose, namely to receive signals from various devices such as a game console, Blu-Ray player, a laptop, a computer etc. then send the signal to the TV in question.

The advantage of this is that you can receive up to six times (and more) signal, which switches between each quite easily. This is especially useful if your TV count with a few HDMI connections , something very common, since some TVs even have two HDMI inputs only.

How to choose a switch?

The truth is that there are many switch for sale and certainly accomplish most often the task. In all cases, it is best to always c uying devices known brands and quality , to avoid problems in the future.

If you want to buy a switching device, we recommend you to properly evaluate the product’s reputation, he can see the user-reviews on platforms such as

Amazon or eBay.

On the other hand, it is also advisable to consider aspects such as connectivity, power supply and even additional functions, such as remote control.

For example, compared to is something I highly recommend Remote control function because other’d always go to the unit and the mode change manually. However, you can choose to use your Android as a remote for Smart TV and I requiers.

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