How To Play Youtube Videos On My Pc/Smartphone And View Them On Smart Tv

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With a new smartphone or one less recently? You know the function that enables play YouTube videos from a PC to a Smart TV? No problem, as you easily explain and detail what you should do; here in our article you will see how to play YouTube videos on your PC or smartphone and Watch in Smart TV.

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How to play YouTube videos on my PC/Smartphone and watch them Smart TV

How can play YouTube videos from a PC to a Smart TV?

See your playlist on YouTube from a smartphone or PC to your Smart TV whether this is a Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Hitachi, or other brand is already possible, and is a unique experience. The only condition is that you must connect your Smart TV to Wifi and your PC or Smartphone to the same network and you will learn easily and quickly how to do these few steps;. we offer various methods

First Method

 Smart TV and a phone in the YouTube

  • Finally you will see the YouTube video on your Smart TV

Second Method

  • On your Smart TV opens the YouTube
  • Then go to Settings , where you select the sync
  • the web address that you enter from the PC or smartphone and synchronization code appears as that says scan

 YouTube web address code sicronización

  • Now go to your PC or smartphone and open your browser, navigation bar placed
  • Once there press into the “New TV” and enter the pairing code that appeared to you on the Smart TV
  • Then click “Add this TV”
  • You send it to another screen, there press “Finished”
  • Now go to the official YouTube page, at the bottom right corner of the playback window a new button appears, click on it to the video will appear on the Smart TV
  • Now reproduces the desired video, and immediately make a click on the button selection screen, there will appear a sub-menu where you select TV, your TV or Smart TV
  • Finally, the selected video will start playing in the Smart TV

How play more Youtube videos from a PC to a Smart TV?

One of the functions incorporating YouTube is to have a playlist , so offers the ability to add other videos in the playback queue; even this function is valid for playback on the PC or Smart TV. What should you do? We explain below.

  • Choose your video you’re going to play to appear on line, so it will play once you finish viewing the video you are playing in the Smart TV.
  • Click on the “Row TV” , if you want to see immediately you give a click “Play now” , and the video will appear in Part right side of the screen and play.

How to synchronize the smartphone with Smart TV?

To synchronize both teams must:

  • Log into your YouTube account and once on the main screen, click on the blue box located at the top right.
  • Now click on “YouTube settings” that is the symbol gear.
  • You send it to another screen, go to the left side where you will find the section ” connected TVs” , and there appear synchronization interface.

And now get ready to enjoy family and friends on a big screen videos and movies on YouTube your Smart TV, thanks to this post know how to play on your smartphone or PC and view them on the Smart TV.

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