How To Make Screenshots In My Smart Tv – Easy And Fast

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There is at present contain any artificial intelligence, mobile phones, watches, video game consoles and TV now or as it is known worldwide Smart TV. These electronic devices have also inherited the mobile phone functions. That is why we will learn Quick and easy make-do.

 of smart tv screenshots

This feature is often used by those who have a smartphone and when they get a picture that want to keep. Simply do a screen capture without problems can Save the image in your gallery . But now, this feature comes on television and in this article we will show you how it manages to make this interesting operation.

Already in another article, we showed the different applications that natively called Smart TV. And you have learned in a very simple way, as transmit the screen of my PC Smart TV with Chromecast. But this time, we will see another depending how very decision-making in my Smart TV screen.   easy and fast

How to make screenshots in my Smart TV

Because these smart TVs, you can connect to the internet and you can have access to YouTube videos, movies and series. You are probably crossed your mind, to capture a scene that strikes you, then share with your friends. For now, it is a reality and can take screenshots on your Smart TV.

Normally you do this process through your phone and with it wilt photo you wanted to share with your friends via various social networks. But this time -ci, you do it from your own TV. In the same way that PERFORM capture with your phone, simple as it is, and the same share of TV image.

And for the same TV you avoid potential problems with the flash of the distortion of the camera or image. The important thing here is to know the options offered by your Smart TV to make captures screens. Since it depends who still have at home, but if you have a webOS or Android TV, it will be a shot to the ground.

Steps to   make screenshots in my Smart TV

If you have Android TV , you can bring your TV if the pre-installed option for screenshots. So, we proceed thinking that if you have this option on your TV and make it via the TV remote. In it will locate the power button and the volume down button.

And you’re pressing both buttons simultaneously until you do capture screen, it’s the same thing you do with your mobile phone. If this is going to do anything, that means you do not have this option natively. And we will use an application called Maps , with her award the remote buttons certain functions.

To download the application, you can assign the function to the Home button capture screen and it will be done when pulses so long. And ready made the catch, every time you press the button so long at home. Now let’s see how to do this in another TV.

Now if we have a LG Smart TV with webOS, we will do it below, the remote control is known by the magical name remotely. You go for the 123/INPUT button, if yours does not have this button, you must find the button on top of the parameters. Now press the button or 123/INPUT.


Make it a menu and an icon to enter the Capture function, you must click this button. Now, a message appears asking you to confirm the screenshot and that’s all ready. How easily do you not and could not know through this article.

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