How To Watch Movies On My Pc Samsung Smart Tv Wirelessly

 Samsung Smart TV and a laptop

not know how to watch movies on your PC Samsung Smart TV wireless? You learn in our tutorial, you apply for very easy and fast this wonderful feature that has the Samsung TV.

How to view movies on my PC Samsung Smart TV wirelessly

What you need to watch movies on your PC Samsung Smart TV wirelessly?

  • The Smart TV operating system must have the Tizen .
  • Connect the PC and Smart TV to the same WiFi network.

What are the steps to watch movies on your PC Samsung Smart TV wirelessly?

Then we present four methods to view movies on PC on your Samsung Smart TV wirelessly. With the first your Smart TV must have Tizen operating system, and the other only must methods have the same WiFi network for both devices:

First Method

  • In Windows go to «Start» and select « Mobility Center «.
  • Once there press «Connect screen.»
  • Then the «Project» section appears; among the options projection will find several, go to «Dubbing», You can view movies without the pnatalla your PC, or «Only second screen» is turned off, but the screen of your PC will remain off.

 Window Windows on the Project

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  • Then in the same menu click on the end of «Connect to a wireless projection.»
  • Wait a few seconds, select your Smart TV and finally the movie will play.

Connect your Smart TV to PC

  • If this is the first time you go to connect your Smart TV to your computer or PC , you add to Windows; for that, right click on the start button
  • .

  • Go to «Settings».
  • On the next screen go to «Devices» , then click «Connected devices».
  • Finally, in «Add Devices» click on «Add a Device» and finally select your Smart TV.

Second Method

  • Search your PC Windows Media Player.
  • Once there click on the «Transmit» found on the top bar.

 Windows Media Player library to manage the option

  • Select «Enable streaming multimedia».
  • You send it to another screen, «Choose the options for streaming media for computers and devices» click on «Turn on media streaming».
  • Then appear all compatible devices DLNA that is in your network, there found that the Smart TV listed as allowed , then click Next.
  • Group Home appear all the files you want to share: images, videos, music, documents, devices and printers, etc. click Next.
  • Click «Finish»
  • Now playing one of your movies, once playback starts, please click on the button in the upper right corner.
  • On the next screen please click on the button «Play on» you will also find in the upper right corner, there select « Play to» , there the sub-menu select (TV) Smart TV.
  • Finally few wait a few seconds and the movie will start playing on your Smart TV.

Third Method

  • You can play the movie from the folder where you have stored on your PC, just Place it.
  • Put yourself in the movie, right click on it in the sub-menu go to the «Play To» and then (TV) Smart TV.
  • Finally, wait until the film is loaded on your Smart TV.

fourth method

  • Turn on your TV Samsung, control click the «source».
  • Go to the TV , and your control press «Ok».
  • Go to your PC, there in the taskbar go to «Settings».
  • Click «Start» and press «System, Display, notifications and applications.»
  • Go to «Connect to a wireless projection» then a menu appears on the right side, there click on the name of your Smart TV.
  • Wait to connect and to appear on your computer.
  • and you can already watch movies from your PC to your Smart TV.

You can leverage your Samsung Smart TV wirelessly to see everything and now you know how to watch movies on the PC your Samsung Smart TV wireless and you did not know, with these same steps can play videos and everything you project from your PC

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