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Share content through our Social networks is a good way to interact with our acquaintances. either through a meme which we found very funny, or putting photos your last trip, surely many people will see it and comment on it. As such, it is the basis of what a social network and the ease we have to contact us and put us to the day, it is for that reason have become the means of communication used all over the world .

How can I put icons on Snapchat

Given the latter, many social networks have come to the market to change the way how social rede are handled. Among them can highlight Facebook , which has become a social network mass, where they have put together the best aspects of different social networks into one.

But often people want to interact in a way very specific or having all the advantages of Facebook because they do not use. This is when out social networks like Snapchat .

Snapchat is a social network that has been characterized to specialize in sharing photos and videos that can be seen only a limited number of times. And while there are ways to download this content to your mobile phone, exclusive content still exists.

It also has very attractive and creative ways to share this content. That is why so many people are using this social network. Also, if you are a widely interested in learning more about Snapchat and using this application , you may be interested this tutorial we show you below.

The reason for this tutorial is because many people wonder how they can post icons in your Snaps, and in fact is very simple to do. So pay attention, and you have a very striking Snaps for others to see.

 ghost Snapchat icon

Adding icons to your Snaps

The term “ icon ” it is a very broad, as we could be referring to the Emoji or we can put stickers on Snapchat. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll show how to use both. But first, let’s talk about the stickers Snapchat.

They are about a images you can put in the photos or videos that you upload to Snapchat, which are used to make it more attractive or to display other information about the Snap. We mentioned this as there are stickers that are used to show the speed at which the camera will or the temperature of the place where the snap was captured.

Look to how to put them:

  • First, login to your Snapchat and take a picture on the home screen of the same.
  • Once you have the picture ready, you will be sent a preview screen where you can edit the Snap as you like. Here you will see an icon on the screen that resembles a folded paper with the lower right corner. Select it.
  • Now, a list of stickers appear that you can put on your Snap. Select one and with your fingers you can move, resize and even rotate, so take your time for you to be creative with it.

Snapchat functions

Adding emoji my Snap

Now, when we talk about Emoji , these can also be placed as stickers inside your snap, but there is the option to add them to the text.

All you have to do is take a photo on the Home screen as I explained earlier, and the preview screen select the option to add text that will appear as an icon in form of T . Now, you can add a message to Snap. Only access your Emoji keyboard implemented on your phone and add emoji you want.

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