How I Can Know Who Follows Me On Snapchat Where Can I See It?

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In today’s tutorial we will see Followers know in Snapchat and where can I see . We all know someone who uses Snapchat. Is a social network that is sweeping among the young.

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How can I know who follows me on Snapchat Where can I see it?

This is an instant messaging application in which you can send to your contacts photos and videos individually or in groups.

The difference with other social networks, is often used for share photos and videos quickly and ephemeral, since you can set the time to share a message before it is deleted.

When you send someone a photo or video, which you can edit, you determine the time by which the message will be visible. The receiver must have pressed the message to view it, making it difficult to make you a screenshot.

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How to view pending friend requests

To begin, go to the app Snapchat. view camera opens once you logged into your account Snapchat . Tap on the icon of your profile that is top left. Then, select “Add friends “. It is the first choice of the menu that you deployed.

You’ll get a list of friends with several tabs. Should look for people who are in “ I added” to meet those who have you added as a friend . You can add anyone who is on the list by pressing the “ OK ” option you have the right of each name.

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How do people who have added you again

Snapchat does not have a list of people who follow us as with other social networks. To see who we are we must take the time to review each of our contacts.

In order to know who you are, go to the application from your device. As mentioned above, the view will open the chamber each time you access the application.

Click on the avatar of your profile at the top left of your screen. On the menu you have selected “ Friends “. Enter one by one to their profiles to see if you follow. To corroborate this, should pay attention to the following details:

  • It should have a purple button in the upper right part of the “ Subscribed ” screen
  • In the next line you have the options to make a call, start a chat, send a video or image .
  • Must be active Location
  • You should be able to observe the amount of points that profile

Another way of corroboration is taking a Snap. Take a picture and try to send someone to see if you follow. To do this, press on the blue button “Send” you have bottom right of the image you captured.

You will have a list of people you follow. Select a friend and click on “ Send “. It is the right of the username. Go now to your friends list and check the status of the shipment. If you look at a red arrow below the Snap it means the person follows you.

If instead the arrow Shipping is gray, it means that pending the Snap you sent so that person does not follow you.

You can also choose to go directly to your list of friends and click on “ Chat new” . Tab is right on your buddy list. Looking for a person and hold until you get a box with your information.

If you have a light blue button “ Added ” to the right of your name is because you follow. Note that if you have active notifications reach an ever have a friend follow you. At the moment are the only alternatives if we know who we are . Stay updated and discover other incredible options offered by this incredible application.

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