What Other Apps Like Snapchat There?

Today the world of Applications has grown at a high speed, there are a lot of app whose characteristics vary or sometimes are the same with small differences in their functions. What other apps like Snapchat there?

What other apps like Snapchat there

That is why when we choose an application, we noticed that there are other equal, offer the same only they are not as well known, this does conclude that will not work or that they are a fraud. What we should do is do a little research of what we want, then go to the network to see which app meets the requirements which we have raised.

We can say that the App Some of them are created to amuse, entertain so were made applications that make filters on your face in no time. Now as Snapchat app, there are other applications that have the same features let’s meet some of them in order to know what to have for use on your phone. intelligent

Applications similar to Snapchat with mascaras

 Many still do not use these applications, so let’s analyze some of these Applications , here know perhaps the most popular of them with details, facts, interesting features.

 people on the phone screen with filters Snapchat mascaras

Facebook App

This new application has been operating for about two years is very easy, it only focuses on applying effects on your face , for example you can add glasses, hair, effects with animal ears, many others.

In its list of effects there is no variety , we are sure that their quality is good, also they are updated quickly.

With this data you give an idea of ​​the operation of this app, according to what you want the can choose. Facebook App is available in its latest update or version for operating systems Andriod, iOS.


This social network their specialty are the photos of course they have included in their options effects filters for your face. you can get them on camera there when you’re going to put in your < strong> status or send a photo of someone, you get the option to make these changes on your face.

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A variety of filters Instagram where you can get from deformations, augmented reality effects, animal parts and others.

Some of these filters are also temporarily for you to use, then disappear or are seen on certain dates as it is fashionable for the moment. Similarly are available at Android, iOS .


This application is not well known for this type of content masks , but if you have a variety of effects to your face, in real time can get it.

You can achieve these effects have or do during a call or a new picture to send to your friends.

app can be downloaded and installed on PC if you want and give free rein to your imagination and creativity , since there can be used a variety of 3D masks, special effects that are activated by simply flashing, artistic makeup, and various facial options.


This application B612 is where you can also make edit or retouch , edit photos especially selfies. You can get many mascaras you use the one you want to choose, there are also special effects, < strong> animated emonjis , as well as the usual beards, animal faces, etc.


The inclusion of this app MSQRD is for its time of existence it has, has a considerable amount of masks around a 20.

There are faces of celebrities, animals, are in 3D. It is very easy to use just take the photo, the application recognizes the face and immediately replaced by the mask we have selected.

You Cam Fun

As the aforementioned applications your goal is to apply effects, masks to your face, but has little effect about 16, it’s fun, you do real-time . An interesting feature is that these changes in your face you can do with photos you have stored on your phone.

Download and install applications

 Filters people

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You can install any of these applications from the official store of your operating system and start try the safe enjoy as much as Snapchat . If you want to change your password Snapchat there is an easy way to do .

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