What Is Snapchat? How Does It Work And How Snapchat Used?

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The vast majority have seen Snapchat in some cases already know is a social network that allows users send photos , videos publicly as well as privately of course receive it if they added.

What is Snapchat -How it Works and How Snapchat


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One of its main feature is that messages you send, you can manage the time the person who receives the display. Lasts from 1 to 10 seconds before it is deleted.

This can be well explained, you send your message edited photo if you want, then specify the time when he can see it after you open it.

Of course this helps users perform not capture you the photos or if the person sends regrets about what I command, as soon it is quickly erased. With this we can qualify Snapchat as a social network ephemeral messaging where everything is erased, it never recovered.

How fuciona Snapchat?

Its operation is based on an application of IM , where users send photos, videos. It originates novel is that you can make changes to your photos by applying filters, other elements that help you personalize your photo.

Among the functions is making major changes in the pictures may change or transform your face into a emonji, with only the your camera phone .

There is also the possibility to save your Snaps for 24 hours in a section called history. In addition if you wish to preserve your Snaps can archive the part that says memories.

After being on that option can use them again anytime and even modify them if you wish. Also, if you want to use mascaras to send a photo you have let down your face for a second, then appear masks , there is also gesture animation to your face.

If you slide the screen anywhere there you can add color filters, movement speed, temperature, hour, as well as characteristics of the place where these at that time.

In some cases within the application we find a hourglass , what siginifica this? Can learn by reading this article .

For users of Snapchat is a way to both have fun and take advantage of certain advantages that have given updates

For example it has added power to make video calls between users is a simple , easy to use. This manages to capture more users for the benefits also offered updates.

How to download Snapchat?

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If you have an Android operating system enters Google Play , now if you have an IOS entered in the app store, the search for the downloads, even you can use Snapchat PC if you want.

There you can see the amount of download you have, as well as space will occupy in memory, which features besides your OS are required.

then you have to create an account or register , enter email, username, password. After that you can already start using Snapchat. By downloading this app it is free for both operating systems Android, iOS.

What makes such a popular Snapchat application?

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There are interesting statistical figures that make it very used, we can mention that they have more than 100 million active users, plus this figure is growing daily.

The age range of people who have Snapchat is said to be 60% of users are between 13 and 34 years old. average people share about 8796 pictures per second within this application.

Today is the selfies common all over the world 5% of them shared in Snapchat. This app Snapchat in one of the most used worldwide on par with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

A knowing a little more Snapcha lets us know why so many people use it sometimes for fun, Entertainment or need. What we do know it is very popular.

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