How I Can Use The New Update Snapchat

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If you are using Snapchat for some time sure you know constantly this application has different updates. In this article learn how you can use the new update of Snapchat.

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How can I use Snapchat New Update

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Snapchat is an instant messaging application that has gained some popularity among teenagers thanks to its large number of filters fun and ease of use. Also for their constant updates that become the experience of using Snapchat even more entertaining.

Although updates are just for better application performance, it is true, that sometimes can be difficult to adapt to the new changes. For example, the Updates new filters, new options and operation different from other tools are presented.

However, other filters are Deleted , some things change and be an upgrade may at the beginning we are not so familiar with the new settings or operation tools old.

Still, Snapchat is an easy to use and that although undergoes certain changes, does not lose its Main features . So if you take time to use it and want to learn how to better use the new update, read on and learn how.

If it is the first time you use Snapchat, here you will also learn how to use it and become familiar with the features offered by the new update. Can download from the app store on your device or by going directly to the official web Snapchat, can also use it on your PC if you want.

What advantages does the new update Snapchat?

Snapchat App Trending several options

Snapchat is distinguished by its many filters and similar tools, if you want to learn how to use filters You may be interested to learn reading the article.

This new update you can access a new tool called “Lenses”. This is augmented reality glasses that transforms your appearance and everything around it.

This new tool completely changes the experience of use Snapchat. You can now add 3D effects, objects, characters and transformations using the lenses to create a Snap.

You can use Lenses faces, the most common or environmental lens that allows you to modify the world around you and give life to different objects or characters.

There is also the option bar has special augmented reality lets you examine Lenses or scan the world to find useful information. In addition to Snappables , special lenses that allow you to create, compete and team up with your friends.

Lens Explorer is another tool provided by the new update to find Lens creator for different users. Besides all this, Snapchat enabled an option to create your Lenses own .

So the last update has many new options that insurance can enjoy and take advantage. But if you’re new to this, here we will explain how to use these new tools.

How to use the new update?

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First, if you Android user , you must ensure your device has Android version 5.0 or higher, otherwise you can not use these new tools. And if a member of Apple , must have a ¡Phone: 5 or later model since it is only available for these devices.

With that clear point, go to the app store from your device and search for a new update of Snapchat. Then click “download”.

updated to the latest version your device is ready to start used. Ubícate on the camera screen, touch one side to the carousel and then choose one of the lenses. Touch the button to take pictures and voila, your Snap is ready to be shipped.

To use environmental, lenses open the camera , touch the bottom to open the carousel, swiping and choose one. Then you just have to take the snap.

And finally, if you want to use the Snappables , you must go to the camera, slide, touch a snappable and follow the instructions to play.

In this way’ll enjoy the new tools offered you the latest update of Snapchat and share it with friends.

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