How To Improve The Safety Of Teens On Social Networks?

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Social networks have captivated the lives of many teenagers, leading to many endangered by navigating safety. Because of the danger posed, this article will give you tips for teens to improve safety on social networks and fully enjoy these tools.

Tips for safe social networking

Although social networks are very practical for communication are also a double-edged sword, as there are many dangers in social networks that are preventable . Here are some tips that may be useful to improve safety on use:

  • Protect personal data . Many people can access your personal content, even people who do not know. Among them, there may be those who intend to make physical or emotional harm. Set security and privacy according to your requirements.
  • Evaluate the activities of contacts . With contacts, which called social networking friends are with those who most should be careful, as can occur errors or privacy issues in social networks . The reason is that networks can increase the number of participants to look at the contents crashes.
  • Be careful what you post . Once you give click the Publish button, the information is sent to all your contacts. If later you regret content, hardly you can delete contacts who received the information. Because of this, it analyzes the first thing you want to share. Do not send something that you regret later.
  • Uses a key . It is one of the main recommendations we give you to your social networks. Prevents others from accessing your content without your consent creating a secure but easy href=””> remember password.

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  • Hacking is the risk that impersonate your identity to the access accounts or your social networking profiles. Do not give your password to anyone.
  • Evita save passwords . It is common for many to keep on your computer or mobile. This is a very dangerous practice, for some unknown can easily and without hindrance enter.

Precautions participating in social networks

  • Watch who is added as a friend. Confirms that person is known or trusted someone give you good references. If you’re not sure who that person is, the better decline it.
  • Avoid posting uncomfortable pictures or incriminating. Photographs of this type are most likely to fall into the wrong hands and be published on a website inappropriate.
  • Privacy. Do not disclose any information which expose private matters, such as:. Location, habits and movements
  • Think about what you hang it on your social network. Whatever you say or post it will not take the wind will stay in your profile and everyone can read or see what you’ve published.

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  • Cyberbullying. A point to consider, the most important fact is to recognize that in social networks usually appear stalkers disguised as friends. These stalkers are not alone, always they have accomplices acting directly or indirectly in their favor and endanger your life. It is very important to know the terms cyberbullying & nbsp well;. Or to prevent cyberbullying and learn to defend yourself well
  • Beware use of the GPS mobile . Some users manage their devices to a GPS. Despite being helpful, also it represents a danger as referred to social networks because they offer information in your profile or multimedia content, and you can give misuse.

Other hazards found in social networks

  • Sexting. Focuses on publishing photographs with sexual or flirtatious purposes. These can give stalkers use or people with bad intentions.
  • Grooming . Are actions taken by an adult who seeks to make appointments when you may abuse a child or extort.
  • Phishing . It is the usurpation of personal data through a fictitious web with which they can be mixed in your social networks and access private information.

In addition, it is well known that some links, though they may be sent by family or friends, may be accompanied by dangers such as a virus or hacker to access your social network. This has happened in Facebook and WhatsApp.

taking into account all these timely recommendations, especially teenagers, can make use of social networks safely.

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