How to change my username on Tumblr easily and quickly?

Tumblr is one of the best sites that exist to create blogs and express your opinion.   This has earned the recognition of people due to the lot of features and tools that offers its consumers. With that in mind today in the mystery will be solved How to change my username on Tumblr?

And, this page is so old, that there are many names or URL which may seem outdated (like the ones you got when there was an active fashion). So there is a very large within the community Tumblr need to edit them. Luckily, this app never forgets his own.

How do I change my username on Tumblr?

Before starting the process that will help you answer the question How do I change my username on Tumblr , you have to keep in mind that there are   two ways to accomplish your task.

The first is through the web, and is performed as follows: first go to “Settings” found in the account menu at the top of your desktop.

Once there, select the name of the blog to which you want to make the change, then you give the icon with pencil that appears in this section (it’s on the right side of the screen).

This option is called Tumblr URL or username and it is here that you should proceed to make the change. When you already have edited and everything is to your liking, press the “Save” button.

That should already be all set. If for some reason gives you an error message, it is because the name is occupied by someone else, so you should choose another. In addition, URL page or save the old Name, addresses for 24 hours if you want to retract and return everything to normal.

Edit the name from the application

The second way you can edit the name and resolve the question How do I change my username on Tumblr is through the application of the  ?. To do this you must first go to the “ Settings ” option, which you’ll recognize as an icon of human figure.

When inside, select the icon shaped gear, there press the option called “Change User Name“. Then simply configure the name you want and click the “Save” button. That will be all successfully edited (as long as you are available the name).

Note that regardless which of the two processes use, all links that have been linked over time to your account will be lost forever. This will sucederé to the reblogueos, so be careful in taking this decision.

Fans if you have saved, and can usually see your posts, but the name changed, of course.

The ability to edit these times

Conclusion note is the ability of this edit page (it was one of the first of its kind and is considered one of the best, because you can literally to embed images and HTML content in it). Note also that you can create a free account Tumblr without having to pay nothing.

Tumblr Logo

Best of all is that once you have your account and you can access all the functions available within it, such as to write freely and respond notes or comments you receive . For all this and more must try Tumblr.

No more nothing to have to learn, has finally become clear the initial question of How do I change my username on Tumblr? now go to the page and start posting to see if someday you can become one of the most popular users of the world.

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