How To Publish Or Post On Reddit – Learn How To Upload Videos And Pictures


Through the following guide will show you publish or post on Reddit – Learn how to upload videos and images . In turn, we will also teach you to register if you do not belong to this platform.

How to Publish or Post to Reddit – Learn How to Upload Videos and Images

What is Reddit and how to register?

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Reddit is an interesting web site where users can publish any type of content in various communities. It is one of the largest social platforms of the world and most visited pages.

And, Reddit allows many things, in fact, in some communities it is possible ads like Craigslist . In addition, some people use the platform to make money working from home, Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to discuss many issues.

Indeed, Reddit platform comprises an interesting area of ​​discussion where you can talk about any subject. Still, note that page is in English , so it is recommended to have knowledge of this language.

In any case, there are communities of all kinds and there are clearly also in Spanish. Therefore, it is not more interesting to visit this Internet space.

Register on Reddit

The first thing you should do is go to the official website Reddit , there locate the Sign Up and press it to start the registration process. They appear different registration options, one of them you can do it directly with Google or Apple, but on this occasion we are interested in is the «E-mail» option.

 sign reddit

Just write your email in the bottom and click on » continue» . The platform will ask you username proportions, so in the» choose a Username» section must write that user of your choice. In addition, at the bottom in «Password» you must put password to your liking.

Once you have completed the above steps, press on» sign Up» button below and to the right. Sometimes confirmation will be asked to verify that you’re not a bot, if so, complete the challenge and you press on » sign Up» .

After registration, a set of categories and communities appear, here you must select those that interest you and then press down on the «Finish» option to complete the registration. As you can see, the system automatically logged in any case, if you want to leave, then need to provide the selected password before entering through «Log In» .

After registration and login, you can start using the community for all kinds of issues. In fact, some communities even allow you to identify false news Internet and talk on various topics interesting, but you must learn the basics, ie how to publish on Reddit.

How to publish or post on Reddit – Learn how to upload videos and images

First log on to the web. Once inside Reddit’re at the top you will find the message » create Post» , you must press on to make a publication. Note that Reddit is based on communities, therefore, should select the community in which they want to make the publication, for this go to» choose a community».

post reddit video image

The first thing to do is give a title to your post, for it just click on «Title» and type the title of your choice. As for the text, this feature is optional, can also publish without writing anything.

Now it’s time to upload the image or video you want to post on Reddit. This is very easy, just go to the section «Images & amp; Video «. Here you have two options, drag the image or video box or press on it and select it from the browser on your PC. Wait until the image is upload a video and finally to publish press on the «Request to Post» .


A new screen on which the notice «Only approved users can & nbsp; post» appears displays which means that only approved publications and users can post

This already appears that most communities Reddit review posts before they appear in that community. Just press on the » send Request» if all goes correctly your publication will be posted after a while.

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