How To Put Subtitles To A Video In Sony Vegas Pro 15 -Step By Step

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When you create multimedia content , you have to take into account a number of things. Most of these are usually small tricks or tips you should know to perform content. This is especially true when it comes to creating videos, which can get to take a long time to complete.

Often can take hours, days and even months to create a video because of the level of attention to detail that this cam content. The latter is something we see in the process of creating videos on YouTube , where we can see youtubers that can take weeks to make a video that is not too long in order that it may be all a success and so we can win many followers .

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How to put subtitles to a video in Sony Vegas Pro 15 -step by step

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All because when you want to make a high-quality content, can not always do things in haste, and when a video you can reach as much polish as you can see sometimes. In fact, even the television series so software products Edit .

Now, when a video is edited, you have to know some of the Tools basic as put the edges and ways to edit video at the same as it may be possible to the editor. Among the tools and tricks that this can not go through something, is the power to put subtitles to a video.

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If you do not know how you talk then how can easily add subtitles to a video via Sony Vegas Pro 15.

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Adding subtitles to a video in Sony Vegas Pro 15

Add subtitles to a video in Sony Vegas Pro 15 can become a somewhat lengthy process, Depending on how long the video . So you need to have patience as your best ally when it comes to that. However along that can become really is a simple process. All you have to do is the following:

  • Begin by opening the program Sony Vegas Pro 15 , and opens the video to which you want to add subtitles.
  • Now, you need to right click on the timeline where the video track and audio is. Here, you have to click the “Insert new video track” or “Insert Video Track” .
  • Then you have to place you in the editing tabs. More specifically, you have to click the one that says “Media Generators” or generating means.
  • At this point, you will see all the options you have to add to the video. In the folder “All” or “All” you have to find a ProtypeTitler . You must give click. Then, on the right, you several types of appear subtitle . Use the one that suits you and drag it to the timeline where you inserted the new video track above.
  • Here, it will open a window where you should write your subtitles on the screen to the right, move it to the place you please and then adjust the transparency of the caption, color, font and others.
  • Remember to move you to click on the top of the editing screen lets you know where you are in mode Edit .
  • Now, if you prefer, you can save this subtitle or subtitle type you created and need to accommodate the correct time line on the timeline at the bottom of the program.
  • You must repeat this process until you have completed all the subtitles or do you think are appropriate to finally render the video.

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Remember to take your time

This is a job that takes patience because of the way on how you can make the subtitles. If you want to devote to subtitling there are many forums where it is looking for staff, but this is something that requires patience and practice , because it can be an iterative process. Although keep in mind that the end result is very satisfactory.

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