How Can You Find Or Know The Exact Cutoff Date Spotify

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Spotify is increasingly popular among those who want a simple solution to listen to your favorite music artists. The App has a free version also Premium mode that extends the features of the software, which is why you should know how you can find or know the exact cutoff date Spotify.

How You can Find or Saber Exact Cutoff Date Spotify

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One of the most interesting application is that you can have a Spotify Free account . Yet like any other service like this we also have the premium version that is paid.

A the same as any other application or service App has its cutoff date specified service . This is something that users need to know in case you wish to continue to pay the most comprehensive versions of the application.

Why you Should Know your court date Spotify?

As previously pointed out Spotify also has versions that offer expanded options pays for more demanding users . To the As with any other service that is paid, we will have a court date or time to be taken into account.

It is important to note the date of cut your service Spotify , since after this lose or better period said, you may not have the extended options offered by the Premium version of the application.

While both to the court date, can renew the service again in time and not lose the many extra options you have paid versions of the application. If you do not know how to observe the closing date of Spotify, then do not worry we will introduce a simple guide that will help in the process.

 Date cut Spotify

How can find or know the exact cutoff date Spotify

The process to know what the cutoff date Spotify is quite simple and is something you should know in case you use the Premium version of the application. Carefully read the following guide to know when cutting your Spotify account:

  1. This process is going to be made through the official website of the application, therefore the first thing to do is Enter the online platform Spotify , which can be accessed through
  2. web Site Official Spotify .

  3. If for some reason you have trouble signing, we show you how to enter your Spotify account with or without Facebook process after which you can continue this guide.
  4. Once you are inside the official application page presses on the Three horizontal lines located in the upper right of your screen, there will need to click on the Login option.
  5. Enter your user data and log on to the platform normally.
  6. appears at the top of your screen a small icon shaped avatar, to the right you will see the three horizontal lines configuration, press this way there will access the options related to your account.
  7. Click on the Account should drop slightly and locate the Spotify Premium section is where the cutoff date of our service will appear.
  8. Note the date given above, as it will be at this time in which you plan expires Premium application.
  9. Versions Spotify

    Today Spotify generally has two versions, one free version and a paid version. In summary we can conclude that both versions offer the following:

     People Spotify

    free version of Spotify

    The free version of Spotify is fairly complete, you can access a huge catalog of music without further limits advertising that sometimes our screen. Similarly note that there may be other limitations in any case the free version of the application is fairly complete .

    Premium version of Spotify

    On the other hand we have the Premium version of the App, which offers an experience without any ad , just as the possibility of listening expands allowing the discharge of music . On the other hand you can skip unlimited songs and play the content you want.

    Undoubtedly Spotify is an excellent application, still if you are tired of it you can always choose to the best alternative to Spotify free applications , which often represent interesting changes that might get your attention.

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