Controlling Playback On Spotify From Chrome Tabs

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Perhaps the platforms are streaming on the Internet today. Many content creators have used these platforms that have emerged in recent years to bring its content to users of quality.

Plates – forms like Twitch, YouTube and Spotify even have generated millions of users spend hours enjoying the best content and Google has realized and has ease some tools for reading < a target="_ blank" href = "" rel = "noopener noreferrer"> all in Spotify more satisfactory. </p>

This is an extension called Google Spotify Controller Chrome that will allow us to play, pause or rewind adelntar   and change the song as with any tab you have open in Google.

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This extension makes navigation easier since everything is controlled from the page without having to go directly to Spotify, so we will save a lot of time not having to enter Spotify each time you want to change a song.

The following article will explain how to control playback Spotify tabs Chrome fast and easily.

Spotify control of any tab in the browser Google Chrome

Although reading on mobile devices is the strong point of the platform, we can also use the web version desktops.

With the extension mentioned above – can control Spotify playback any tab as this acts as the extension of a small bar reading tools built-in web navigation.

For this reason, we control the platform from one tab make our navigation is totally free and have access to Spotify whenever we want and from the browser. Best of all is to be an extension of Google, we can make it work with any device.

The first thing to do is a tab open in your Web browser and open the Spotify web player < strong>. must register or log in to Facebook. access.

 Spotify playlist

Once you log can observe how the integrated mini player program appears, can control music from any tab where we are.

This add-on is very useful for people who spend hours in the browser to listen to music on Spotify as long to lose to come again and again to the platform of the songs change are recorded.

control Spotify from any tab in the browser Mozilla Firefox

If the other party prefer using Mozilla Firefox browser as usual no problem, because there is a way you can Spotify control of any tab , as it also has its own extension meet these tasks.

The extension that we install is called   Web Player for Spotify. This supplement will display a standalone drive built-in browser to use Spotify from any tab of this web version-platform integrated approach misses to control the music player.

Check Spotify with keyboard shortcuts

This is another good alternative to manually control Spotify from any tab, except that we will do from the keyboard, which may even be more convenient for some users.

To accomplish this need to process another extension called Spotify Web Player Hotkeys when you use the Google Chrome browser and Hotkeys Spotify if you are using Mozilla Firefox.

spotify teclado

The two extensions are available totally free in href = «» Chrome web store Google and official Firefox Add-on page. With Spotify, you can configure from the keyboard and via the browser without having to access the platform.

Once installed, will open to configure the shortcuts. This extension provides predefined shortcuts to play, pause, select the next or previous song or increase and decrease the volume of the songs.

Other ways to control Spotify from the tabs

There is another simple and convenient way to control Spotify and a tab that includes audio or video and is expanding in the browser’s upper right corner, near the gmail with which control.

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