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You may know what Spotify and uses, but may do many others like desconozcas crossfade. Normally the Crossfade function in Spotify is one of the options that most users are unaware of the platform, however has a level of significant importance. Because it allows users to listen in a more dynamic way.

How can I make Crossfade on Spotify

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If you people who do not like to hear them cuts between a song and another, then this feature is for you. Since precisely prevents there being any court when a song is finished . This means that when activated this option, endings and beginnings of the songs work, making disappear the spaces between one subject and another.

On Crossfade on Spotify is a very simple process, but he attach great experience when listening to their favorite songs on Spotify. Therefore, here we show you how to do Crossfade on Spotify, so you never have to endure those silent spaces when one song ends and another begins.

What is Crossfade?

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Crossfade is a music player, which consists of a transition effect between a song and another . This means that once a song is ending its audio or low volume gradually, while with the song that the opposite starts happening, the volume starts to increase, reaching normal tone of it.

The main function of Crossfade is different overlapping songs, with the intent that we pass abruptly from one song to another. Similarly, helps avoid annoying pauses that occur at the end a song and start over.

This feature really like all music fans. Therefore, today it is very common to have this option, being mainly used by DJs and in 2012 Spotify introduced its options . At present it has become a fabulous choice for Spotify users.

How to configure the Crossfade Spotify?

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Spotify increasingly more surprises us with its platform intuitive, simple interface and impressive functionality , making its users feel delighted with this service, which can use creating a free account or premium accounts that offer many benefits . However one of the things we despair over is when a song is finished and there is a disturbing silence before you start another.

It is precisely at this moment that begins to act Crossfade, ensuring that you feel even more comfortable with the application of Spotify. However, although the Spotify app has this option is not configured or activated. Therefore, you need to configure it manually.

You should be aware that the procedure may vary depending on the computer or device that you do.

Enable crossfade on Spotify from your computer

  • Click click the check ✓ , found in the upper right corner and press the Preferences option
  • Next, this option should slide down and check Show Advanced Settings
  • Then select the potion Playback
  • Once there, select and activate the option Make a gradual transition between songs
  • Finally slide the bar to choose the length of Crossfade you want.

Enable crossfade from Spotify iPhone

  • Click Start
  • Then press Preferences
  • Then Play
  • You must then scroll down and select the option Crossfade
  • Move the slider to choose the duration of Crossfade you want.

Enable crossfade from Spotify iPad

  • You must select your library’s
  • Then check Preferences
  • Then select Play
  • Then slide down the drop-down menu to get the Crossfade
  • option

  • Finally, slide the bar down to choose the duration of Crossfade.

Enable crossfade from Spotify Android

  • Click Home
  • Then Preferences
  • Then check in Crossfade and drag the bar to select duration.

This has already been activated crossfade function in your Spotify account and you can enjoy a range of songs applied without any interruption.

It is good to emphasize that Spotify is one of the most popular applications for listening to music today, and may even install Spotify Lite on your Android device , if you need a lighter version for your device.

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