How To Download The Latest Version Of Spotify For Pc


Spotify is one of the most important applications of today , through which any user can listen to music and diverse content. In any case for novice users it can be complicated download it on your computer, it’s why today we’re going to teach you how to download the latest version of Spotify for PC.

How to download the latest version of Spotify for PC

Download the latest version of Spotify ensure you can listen to your favorite songs anytime through your computer. With the tutorial we bring you today learn to get this popular application to start enjoying your podcast and favorite songs.

While we Spotify web access and control with keyboard shortcuts , many people they prefer to download the desktop application. If so please read the following information.

What is Spotify?

As the same application describes Spotify is a service for diverse music and audio material and video. Using this popular application can listen to millions of songs available in a huge catalog, designed for all tastes and integrating all existing genres.

In addition to listening to music on the application, you can also listen to podcasts and watch videos, all through a very srevice streaming . The App works great and is compatible with large number of devices exist today.

One of the most interesting application is that you can listen to music for free (with advertising). Similarly you can also pay Spotify Premium service that will allow you to extend the features of the application.

It is a streaming service designed for anyone who is music lover and you want to have the range of your phone or computer a complete catalog of music, podcasts, videos and other content exceptional quality.

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How to download the latest version of Spotify for PC

Spotify is one of the most important applications for music today, most people use it constantly and fortunately also has its PC version. The version yet available is valid for your computer with Windows 10


Fortunately the application is present on the official Microsoft store and the latest version of the software is quite simple. In any case if you have questions related to the application download read carefully this guide we have prepared for you.

Download the latest version of Spotify in Windows 10

  1. The first thing to do is open the application Microsoft Store .
  2. Keep in mind that must sign in to your Microsoft account, for it presses on the small symbol of the user at the top right of the screen. Click on login and provides the information that will be requested. Once finished log in is time to continue the process.
  3. At the top right of the screen you’ll find the Search press on it and type Spotify, click then on the blue button to search.
  4. will appear related applications, you must select Spotify Music , then click on that app.
  5. The display will show related information to the application, you must press on Get. This allows you to get the latest available version of the Spotify.
  6. On many occasions the App appears in English, if so you can change the language of Spotify easily and begin to use
  7. .

     Using mobile or computer

    Finally, after making installation is highly recommended disable automatic startup Spotify on Windows 10 , as it is known that the application usually occupy a considerable amount of memory to the boot.

    Note that although downloading the application is free , Spotify has several modes of use, as is the case with the Premium mode with which a payment of € 9.99 will get benefits as higher audio quality and the elimination of advertising.

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    In any case the application in its free mode works wonderfully well, so no excuses for you to stop download Spotify on your computer.

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