How To Enter Or Sign Into My Account Spotify With Or Without Facebook? -Step By Aso

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Music is an issue that really is synchronized with the personality of the person listening, is that there are so many styles and musical genres as personalities around the globe. That’s why the trade itself is surprisingly broad.

Therefore, many companies have been responsible for generating services for profit through this art , such as Spotify . Which it is one of the most famous Android mobile servers for viewing and music playback.

What is Spotify?

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What is Spotify and uses? So Spotify is a service which can listen to music and digital videos with a library of millions of songs and other audio generated by artists from around the world. Which currently it is well known for smartphone users.

This service mainly has two choices use the free and Prémium option. The second being very interesting, because unlocks several useful options for consumers.

Similarly, among the most striking features of Spotify, is the You choose what kind of music you want to hear , through its own browser system Spotify. You can also receive recommendations that is normally generated in relation to history, even radio stations can create fully customized and unique, make lists reproductions, log, etc.

How do you download Spotify?

There are two main ways to download Spotify, the first is the discharge is made to a Computer or laptop . The second is through a smartphones .

For the first option, one must access the official download site Spotify, the same we can get in this link . once settled the page, you should continue installing the file like any other


In the second case will depend on which operating system is installed on the phone. That is, if the cell phone use has Android , proceed to do the search through Google Play ; If on the other hand the device uses the system iOS , perform the search for the program in the App Store .


In the two main cases the installation process is very simple, on the computer we open the installer and mark the «Next» option until we just give up the completion message in Android phones to «Download», which will automatically be installed to the program alone.

What other servers there to listen to music?

Spotify really has earned the respect of many users, but it still is not the only application that allows such purpose. We also find Google Play Music , which also has good amount of users on its platform, and that in itself is predetermined in Android.

And, the simple fact of having the domain Google in its name gives great importance to new users. We also have platforms such as Soundcloud . YouTube Music , which have very different functions and tools to Spotify, capturing the attention of other users

How to enter or sign into my account Spotify with or without Facebook?

To enter your Spotify account is first necessary to have downloaded the application, either a computer or a Smartphone. In both cases to start normal session should only enter the email with which we checked in the first box and password in the second.

Now, if we Sign in with Facebook , we only select the option «to continue with Facebook» . It is very important to open Facebook before dialing option. When we open the permit application we accept Facebook and automatically open the program.

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When finished charging, in both cases we will see our profile data with which to hear the music we like. The advantage of having a unique profile is that the application content we recommend our preference, and therefore the experience will be much more enjoyable.

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