How To Use As An Alarm Tone A Song From Spotify On My Phone?

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It is no secret that when a song is catchy trend is to listen to repeat throughout the day. Sometimes we like to put as much alarm does not sound so bad, even though it may mean that we are bored easily. Therefore, with its new integration can be used as alarm tone a song Spotify .

You can also use Spotify Lite is the light version of this musical application that uses less data and passes not a lot of battery.

This new feature all the favorite music player world is available for both versions, free and premium . Although, using as an alarm tone a song Spotify is only available for Android for those times, there is a little trick to apply it on your iPhone.

Since you can use your favorite song to wake up with Spotify can also listen to your favorite music to sleep , and this can be done with the Spotify timer option to turn off the music to not disturb your sleep.

Use as your alarm a song Spotify

The application itself does not set your favorite song as an alarm or any other, however, this is Google. There is a new application launched by this company, by connecting with Spotify, will help you use as a ringtone alarm song Spotify.

This application is called Clock or Google clock available Androids 5.0 and superiore s. It works linking the two programs so you can choose the song of your choice in the large catalog that Spotify. longer need to settle for boring default colors and bring your mobile help transform your morning.

  • Find and download the application on the Play Store good look that is its latest version to use as an alarm tone to a song by Spotify. Open the Clock application, and on the first page of the interface, you’ll notice a bell.

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  • This option lets you choose this application as determined for the alarms. What follows, select «Connect» to connect the two services.
  • You may notice that the two application icons appear at the top of your screen, one on the side of the other. While in the section on Spotify, and you can select your song. This will show the last reproductions and lists according to your preferences.
  • You only touch the one you want and select the is marked by a tick . Accept that must return to your phone and will again have a section of alarm.
  • That’s all you will notice the change because the Spotify icon will appear in the alarm time and the name of the song. So it’s easy to use as a ringtone alarm song Spotify.

Set your alarm with songs from Spotify for iOS

, although it works for androids method is not the above, what is the best option. But then take a configuration that helps to use as alarm ringing a song Spotify to iPhone it’s best to use this trick.

There is an application called Spotify Music Converter with which you can download songs from Spotify common formats for personal use.

  • Only used with computers, you must have both apps installed first. Run the application and Spotify opens automatically.

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  • The sign « more » or « Click to add audio » Spotify Music Converter can add sticky music URL or by dragging window After selecting the option appears. To copy the only connection you have to select the song or playlist and the «Share» choose « Copy playlist » or « link Song «.
  • If you have already erased or deleted your playlist do not worry about easy recover
  • Finally, click « Convert » and ready and can download music from Spotify in MP3 format. Select «History» window to find the songs downloaded.

Needless to say, I hope you were able to solve the problem that this article visited. For more content like visit our website and discover many other attractions that will be of great help.

In addition to using your favorite music to wake you also recommend checking the tricks and Spotify secrets to get the most out of your account.

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