How To Create A Steam Account With Free Games? -Step By Step

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Large developers of video games in the world, are looking for another valid alternative, to offer their games. And one of the most common ways of doing this type of business is through online stores. In this article you will see, how easy it is to learn How to create a Steam account to enjoy free games?

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With the evolution so notorious that has internet and its penetration in all productive sectors, it has done everything to change. And the video games industry is one that has felt the impact as noticeable. Because to play, it is not necessary to have a console video games , with just have your phone and internet connection, you’re done.

Although Steam is not a new platform, not many people know. And sometimes this ignorance can generate installation errors you can afford if you have the required knowledge.

How to create a Steam account to play free games

This platform is the most popular story to the world of video games may contain games pay they are very affordable and offers discounts at certain important times of the year, but we can also find many free games you can enjoy to having a Steam account.

One of the great options that lets you is to connect with other users, they can share pictures, create groups , link it to social networks. And you have at your disposal the latest game titles that are popular among players videos. It is for platforms like this, many users are turning to their computer and staying home to enjoy long hours behind the screen.

In this tutorial we will guide you step by step so you can effectively create an account Steam games that you can install for free . But you must know before, that this platform is not open to everyone. And you requires certain requirements you need to know before creating your account or register your details.

To start and you can use the various services offered by Steam , you must create a profile as a user. To do this you must direct the main platform Steam, looking for it in your browser or by accessing the following link: https: //store.steampowered. com .

Creating an account on the website of Steam

When you’re on the page you will see the startup window web site Steam , now go the upper right part of the screen and click Login. This will take Login window so you can enter your account details if you already created. Otherwise’ll click on the Create Account button.

Here you will be asked to enter your email address you will use the Steam account, you must also enter your country of residence. As well as special characters that appear to verify that you are a person and not a computer robot. If you continue down the page you will find the box I accept that I must dial 13 years or more.

Steam terminate this process must verify that mail is your property and you’re not lying with the data you have provided. For that reason you enter your mailbox, open the message and clicking the button Create my account. Back to the window where you were making the record and you will see three new fields now appear.

They must enter your username and password to create at the end Complete press on record and so you created your user profile. Now you must download and install the Steam client and so you can enjoy everything offered by this website.

Fill your Steam account with free games

Next to play all your games containing the platform with the free label , you must go to the top of the headpiece of the page, where it says explore the mousing it will open another sale with emerging categories, select and click on Free to Play and then take you to a large catalog of games you can freely install and enjoy.

Not only that, besides the lot of free games you have labeled Free to Play permanently, also from time to time there are promotions where three games are free in its beta phase or even for a few days, where you can later use to try to buy them.

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And remember that your device must meet certain requirements if Windows XP, Vista, 7 or higher, 512 MB RAM, Minimum processor 1 GHz, if Mac Intel, OS X version 10.7, 1 GB free space on the hard drive and a two-button mouse. And this is all you need to know to know how to create a Steam account to play free games.

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