How To Easily Create A Group With My Iphone Telegram

No doubt the world is becoming more essential to use applications that allow sending messages for direct and instantaneous. This is the case of the application Telegram , which since its inception has surprised us by their different functions and secret tricks.

Among these we can mention the creation of groups, is why in this day you want to show how to easily create a group with my iPhone Telegram.

How to easily create a group on my iPhone Telegram

like other direct messaging applications, Telegram allows its users to create different groups. So they can talk and share their experiences, as if they were all in a meeting. It’s amazing the number of people who can join or form part of these groups have 30 thousand people and you can invite whoever you want to be or not in your contacts.

When you’re part of a group, can invite everyone you want and those you invite can invite other users to join the group. They can also change your cover image and name. The following tutorial will show you that you should do to easily create a group with my iPhone Telegram.

 group telegram

How to easily create a group with my iPhone Telegram

When create groups to communicate or share experiences or experiences with our friends, our message allows us to reach a very large number of people. Without having to repeat the message or what we want to share, again and again. With only done once is enough and we just wait for the response of all those who are part of the group.

Actually perform this operation from the iPhone devices running operating systems href=””> it is very easy to do. And here we are going to show how to easily create a group with my iPhone Telegram The first thing to do is having. applying Telegram on your mobile open and start your session.

After you’ve done this and you are in the application, you will put pressure on New Chat option. In doing this you will see on the screen two new options and new secret group chat will appear. Then obviously going to select the new group, so that’ll put pressure on that option.

Selecting all friends formed the group Telegram

After you’ve done so, it will show all the contacts you have on your device with a circle for you to make the selection. And also it will show you the following question, Who would you like to chat? You can then take all the time you need to choose what contacts you want to be part of your group.

To do this, you just have to press in each circle is on the left side of the image of your contact. When you do this will change color and a checkmark appears, as I have said can choose a lot of contacts to iPhone to 199. A’ve ever made the choice of participants in the group, must press on the next option.

After you’ve done this, you will spend typing the name of the group, after that you have pressure on the Create. And you’re ready you created Telegram easily a group in your iPhone . And just subtract send you everything you want your friends to the new group you created from messages, photos, videos, emoticons, etc.

It is much easier to do this operation from iPhone devices from computers running Android operating systems. But in summary it is very simple to make and the steps you have to apply are almost the same, that you have to do when Easily create a group in your iPhone Telegram.

 create group

In this so quickly you have taken the steps to follow so you can easily create a group with my iPhone Telegram . We only hope that you can make and create all the groups you want, to share this information with all your friends and contacts.

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