Best Telegram Secret Tricks To Use And Get The Most Out

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For those who do not know Telegram messaging is one of the most complete that exists today and among its closest competitors is WhatsApp. Although the latter has a high acceptance among users, Telegram seems to have more features to offer. And then we will show Who are the best Telegram secret tricks to use and get the most out.

Best Tricks Secrets Telegram to use and get the most out

Since its inception in 2013, we are offered as a completely free platform and also to offer all its source code. For this reason it has become very popular among developers because they can make changes and modifications to their entire freedom. In this short article we will try to give you the best secret tricks Telegram to use and get the most out.

Another aspect that makes this very attractive application for many users is its easy handling. In a previous tutorial we will explain step by step how to delete contacts application Telegram Android or iOS. So prepare and put into practice the steps below will announce.

Top Secret Telegram tricks to use and get the most out

Telegram is an application that offers many functions and special features to its users. Therefore try to mention to those that seem most great and you should use at some point, especially its mobile version . Many of these tricks are, with sending files related Chats, GIFs, new storage among others.

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Then we’ll show the Top Secret Telegram tricks to use and get the most out:

message sending video and voice notes

With this application you can make sending files both multimedia and sound, just leave the button of the microphone can tax a voice memo to then send it. But if only the press will also be able to send video. From the Settings can activate Raise to speak and raise the cell can send a voice note.

Chat with yourself

This trick has become with the passing of the years in a classic, you can send files this way very quickly. This can be done from a mobile phone to PC or between two mobile can spend what you want messages, Voice Notes , videos, photos, etc. With the new update has been renamed Message saved.

Protect your message with an access code

With this option we can make the application asks us to enter a PIN code to be able to do this alone we must turn to the Settings option. Then select Privacy and security and finally Access Code . We can also schedule a auto lock after a certain time has passed.

Autodestrucción message

This option can be enjoyed from where we Telegram 4.2 allows sending messages that self-destruct after a certain time passed. We can also send gifs, pictures and stickers that have a date to expire. It is no doubt that this application loves fun.

More tricks secrets Telegram

Then we’ll show more tricks with which you can have this fabulous application:

Use it as a MP3 player

Although it may seem incredible Telegram has a special feature that lets you play music, and video files in MP3 format. Simply submit it and you can have different functions slow down, pause, fast forward, stop. It is that the application can detect several songs and take a list so we can reproduce at random or in a loop.

 tricks Telegram

Editing images and photography

The application allows us a photo edits totally, where can modify both the contrast, brightness, blur, color, etc. It also allows us to include different masks, where through facial recognition we can add wigs, hats, sunglasses, etc.

And thus we concluded another article that teaches you everything you can do with this type of applications. And without any complications met the Top Secret Telegram tricks to use and get the most out.

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