How To Avoid Or Disable Notifications Application Tik Tok

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Disable notifications Tik Tok Why application? you may already possess an account on the social networking, but constantly you receive a lot of notifications of your friends or videos uploaded by you. And it is that Tik Tok is an application many functions that are generating buzz among the community more young.

In fact, this has about 500 million users and is available in more than 150 countries and 75 languages. It is a social network of videos of very short duration, from 15 seconds to 1 minute .

How to Avoid or disable notifications Application Tik Tok

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It has traditional elements of social networking, why? Simply because you can have on your profile millions of followers and followed. So if you decide to create an account in Tik Tok and already have other social networks like Instagram, Facebook etc., and know how to use this amazing new application, it is very easy to use.

Now if you want to disable them, then you’re in the right place; Follow us to learn more.

How I can disable notifications Tik Tok?

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You can happens to you that the follow many pages, or simply upload constantly content to your account, receive a lot of unwanted notifications and may prove to be annoying, because today we’ll show you Get rid of the notifications How? deactivating easily, join us to learn more, see.

  1. Enter from your mobile to Tik Tok application , and enter your profile.
  2. A coming into your profile you will find in the top right with three points , dale click here.
  3. Then click the session dale « Privacy and settings » at the bottom where it says «general» need to click again, and then enter «push notifications».
  4. There they are activated all your notifications, if you want to just delete notifications of new fans, just must disable that option , or if on the other hand what you want is that you do not get any notice, must disable all applicable.
  5. This way so simple can turn off notifications Tik Tok application.

    How can I upload a video fun quickly to Tik Tok?

     A woman using her phone

    It’s easy to upload content to your account Tik Tok You may be surprised, follow the step by step you will provide below and you will un tiktoker and you will get many followers soon. Let’s see:

    1. Enter your account you Tik Tok and all content will appear dale click the symbol means «+».
    2. Now there iniciarás in the recording part of your phone, and you have many options filters, sounds and videos .
    3. In the entry there have the option to choose the format of your video 15 or 60 seconds . Something super great to have the application are the sounds that are included in the app, and will appear at the top where we started recording our video, choose your preference and the viral yourself.
    4. Then when you already have edited and created your video, you just have to click on «Next». You will find the pre-rise screen , something very important to narrow, is that Tik Tok has a policy that once uploaded the description of the video, you can not modify it. Now this is done, you just have to click «share» and you will have your video ready in your profile.
    5. Go ahead and make your video with photos and slides in this spectacular platform designed to amuse. As we have seen, Tik Tok is an application that is generating buzz in the youth community impact caused by their content and influence .

      So go for you too and make fun challenges, videos and content that make you famous Tik Tok and entertain all your audience. I hope this post has been very useful, so share it with all your loved ones to also become active in this masterful social network.

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